Devices 4 Teams (DaaS)

Devices for Teams is a flexible DaaS subscription for multiple Apple and PC devices provided by HardSoft Computers. We provide the right devices, for the right project, at the right time.
Here you’ll find all our Device as a Service (DaaS) articles, how-to content, useful information and much more.

Simple Apple, HP & Lenovo DaaS Subscriptions

8th June 2021

DaaS subscriptions are revolutionising the way businesses source and manage their IT hardware. The popularity of DaaS solutions is spreading. Businesses can now invest in Apple DaaS subscriptions, Microsoft DaaS, HP DaaS, or Lenovo DaaS. In fact, the vast majority of tech hardware manufacturers and their authorised resellers have embraced the Device as a Service […]

Why DaaS Is Better Than Traditional Hardware Sourcing Methods

4th June 2021

Device as a Service, (DaaS) is a subscription-based leasing approach for businesses sourcing their tech hardware. Unlike buying, businesses don’t own the hardware outright. They lease the machines and pay a monthly subscription payment. DaaS offers more benefits and support than other forms of leasing: Businesses can continually upgrade their devices to the latest models […]

How Can Device As A Service Help My Business Scale?

1st June 2021

An often-overlooked element of a successful business scaling plan is a strategy for sourcing tech hardware. Device as a Service is one of the best, and easily the most flexible options for businesses who want to add scale. Businesses often become bogged down in theory, hiring, and software strategies without looking at essential practical elements […]

DaaS Is Essential For The Pandemic & Post COVID World

26th May 2021

The uptake of DaaS solutions has increased significantly during the COVID 19 pandemic. The reason is simple. Companies that invested in Devices as a Service solutions for their hardware were able to rapidly flex and shift their approach to IT hardware in the wake of mandatory homeworking. In short, those businesses were able to keep […]

IT budgets and financial year 2021

19th April 2021

It’s that time of year when businesses are addressing their IT procurement budgets and seeing if they can invest in better technology. After the unprecedented year of 2020, IT budgets will likely be reduced for many industries, with IT leaders assessing the needs and priorities going into the next financial year. When the pandemic hit, […]

What is DaaS and how does it benefit small businesses?

14th April 2021

What is DaaS? DaaS stands for Device as a Service. Devices, in this case, relates to tech hardware, such as a business’s computers, tablets, smartphones etc. On a Device as a Service subscription, instead of a company buying all their tech hardware outright, they pay a monthly subscription to lease the devices for less money […]

Remote working in 2020 – what did we learn?

26th March 2021

After the unprecedented year that was 2020, we’re reflecting on lessons learned and how businesses have adjusted to remote working. Becoming more equipped for evolving technology and the increasing demand for remote working was once a slow shift, but last year forced an acceleration that put IT budgets to the test. What did we learn […]

Forget WFH: the new normal is WFA

4th February 2021

Fuelled by digital connectivity and caused by the worldwide Pandemic; Working from Anywhere (WFA) has become the new standard, empowering us to maybe think and choose where to work  where we’re most productive. For many of us, the workplace has become less a fixed location and more anywhere we can set up operations with an […]

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