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About ‘Devices for Teams’ by HardSoft

Devices for Teams by HardSoft is a unique & flexible Apple DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses. Having previously bought computers as a start-up, many companies are now restricted by the old fashioned policy. With this new DaaS solution, you start with multiple Apple laptops, iMacs and other devices for a single monthly subscription fee.  It also includes a full 360° service wrapper for every device.

The real benefit lies in the flexibility to match your business needs – whether through varied project work,  freelance staff, new starters or geographic expansion – your subscription allows for additions, continued renewals and to return devices – and to only pay for what you use.  Ideal for businesses looking after 50 to 400 people and devices.

I Need a lot of Devices but not Always at the Same Time?

Growing businesses rely on their teams to have the right technology at the right time so they need a future facing package that is really flexible, with great value and has a full service & support wrapper.

Changing policies to get such agility means the growing business’s stakeholders have different needs and issues that must all be addressed – such as:

  • I bought 8 computers three years ago – this year I need 35! How do you finance this efficiently? CapEx is crippling us!
  • How can I get the latest tech for new starters, freelancers, project workers in my team at different times so we keep the quality and morale high?
  • How can I reduce the number of old depreciating computers we own?
  • A one-year warranty is not enough!
  • What about suitable support advice?

Devices for Teams is designed to meet the needs of your business, the CFO, the CTO, and your people. our solution is designed to resolve the challenges.

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Here’s how it works:

Kick off the subscription with a minimum of 20 Apple devices (an iMac, MacBook Pro, Air, iPad, iPhone, Mac Mini) for three years.

Add any Apple device throughout your subscription (with no extra admin fee!)

Refresh/Swap any devices after just 12 months of your subscription 

Return any device during your subscription ( please keep minimum 50% of your initial subscription) and reduce your payments accordingly (without extra admin fees)

And throughout the whole subscription, you will receive our 360° HardSoft Service wrapper

  • Our 3-year no quibble warranty
  • Full service and support during business hours (including Apple certified engineers)
  • Device configuration to your specification(s)
  • Loan Macs delivered next day should a device need repair
  • Certified Apple training

Find out more by reading our Blog! 

How is HardSoft able to offer this disruptive new subscription offer?
With 35 years of experience, being accredited as brokers by the FCA and an authorized Apple reseller – we unite the worlds of finance and technology to empower our customers. With over 5,000 customers and strong partnerships, we are able to develop solutions to meet the future needs of businesses like yours and stay ahead of the market.

For more information – Contact Sophie Morgan

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