Devices for Teams; DaaS without the Faff

Devices for Teams is for fast-growing dynamic businesses with 45 or more people

Get all the devices you need for your employees. The Devices for Teams solution offers a unique DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription that is tailored for SMEs Tech & Finance needs. Whether you need Apple or PC, get it all whether you need it for your Sales Team, Marketing Team, Operation, Tech Team or even the CEO. If you need a bundle for your company but can’t find it? Just let us know and we will put together a package for you!

A unique & flexible DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses. Having previously bought computers as a start-up, many companies are now restricted by the old fashioned policy. With this new DaaS solution, you start with multiple devices for a single monthly subscription fee.  It also includes a full 360° Support Wrapper for every device.

Apple & PC Device as a Service benefits

The real benefit lies in the flexibility to match your business needs – whether, through varied project work,  freelance staff, new starters or geographic expansion your subscription allows for additions, continued renewals and to return devices – and to only pay for what you use.  Ideal for businesses looking after 50 to 400 people and devices.

DaaS provides the latest Apple & PC hardware

We empower the creative and tech industries, who need the latest tech at the right time to keep growing and maintain the highest service levels from their staff, projects and customers. This revolutionising subscription model has significant benefits vs purchasing – pay only for what you use, fast delivery and fantastic tech support.

“Lab has been working with HardSoft for about 5-years now & it’s been massively successful in getting the latest tech into our hands. To be able to move quickly & react quickly to market changes & customer requirements… it’s very important that you can spin up teams & spin them back down again, very rapidly. Devices for Teams delivers perfectly for that because it means we can get access to the equipment we need then & there.”
Matt Lintott – Operations Director, and Pilot at Lab Digital Agency

5 steps to get you up and running with Devices for Teams!

Devices for Teams by HardSoft is a unique & flexible DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses. Get multiple devices for a single monthly subscription. Add, change & return devices as you need. Includes a full 360° support wrapper for every device.

Computer with three figures within the screen and a speech bubble at the top of the laptop
Step 1: Tell us What you Need
Simply tell us what you need and we’ll be straight into action. Devices for Teams integrates seamlessly with your business! Whether it’s 20 MacBook Air or 40 Surface Pro 7 we’ll work with you to devise a strategy that works!
Two people communicating with two speech bubbles that have three dots within
Step 2: Let’s Talk!
Let’s talk face to face or over a call. We’ll set you up with all the information you need, a quote to takeaway & talk about everything we can do for your business including our unique Apple & PC Trade-in options.
Paper with a pen on top
Step 3: Place Your Order
Place your order with HardSoft & you’re underway. All hardware & software is quoted for you and shipped via tracked Next-Day Delivery. Choose a delivery date to suit and get ready!
A figure holding a tool in the back of a vehicle
Step 4: Choose your delivery & installation date
Decide exactly when & where your new devices need delivering. Need help installing? Our certified engineers can come to your offices to install & configure devices – so you don’t have to!
A figure using a computer
Step 5: Enjoy the benefits of Devices for Teams
Add new devices anytime, change or return after year one. Only pay for what you use & most importantly be in total control of your IT assets. Any issues, no sweat! You are covered by our 360° Support Wrapper.
Discover what Devices for Teams can do for your business.
With over 35 years experience HardSoft are One-Stop Computer Leasing. Devices for Teams is our unique DaaS Subscription designed & built around your business for maximum flexibility, minimum faff – Gie your staff the choice with PC & Apple Devices available in one solution.

Always have the latest Apple & PC devices. Add or return as you need. Only pay for what you use.

Get the latest tech for your employees. From Apple to PC, whatever your business needs, we can sort out the devices for you. This perfect subscription where you only pay for what you use – ideal for business looking after 50-400 employees. Get multiple devices for a single monthly subscription fee which also includes a 360 degree Support Wrapper for every device.

Find out all of the benefits to getting Devices For Teams solution below:

Good for Cash Flow

Small monthly payments, Opex tax friendly

Only pay for what you use & avoid upfront costs! Predictable monthly investment with flexibility to scale up & down as you need. This is an operating lease and would be treated as an Opex.

Increase Productivity & Morale

Everyone has the latest personalised tech they need.

Designed to meet the needs of your business, the CFO, the CTO, and your people. Our solution is designed to resolve the unique challenges your business meets head-on. Right device. Right team. Right time. Empower new and existing employees.

True Flexibility

Add, subtract and change as your business needs.

The real benefit lies in the flexibility to match your business needs – varied project work,  freelance staff, new starters or expansion – your subscription allows you to flex up and down as you need – & only for what you use.

Avoid Obsolescence

No more depreciating assets – upgrade after 12 months

Kick off the subscription with a minimum of 20 Apple or PC devices Add any Apple or PC device throughout your subscription Change any devices after just 12 months of your subscription Return any device during your subscription

Full Support

Full service and support during business hours

Each Devices for Teams subscription includes a full 360° support wrapper for every device. Warranty, support, installations, configurations and loan devices. Meaning we configure, deliver, support and maintain every device – so you don’t have to!

Trusted Partner

Over 35 years of experience, Apple and FCA approved.

With over 35 years of experience, being accredited as brokers by the FCA and certified by Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP etc – we unite the worlds of finance and technology to empower our customers. With over 5,000 customers and strong partnerships, we take a unique approach to IT leasing.

Devices For Teams FAQ’s

Devices for Teams is a unique and flexible DaaS (Device as a Service) subscription which is tailored for dynamic, high growth businesses needing multiple devices for their employees. Find out below what our customers have been asking about our Daas without the Faaf Devices for Teams solution. Don’t hold back on getting multiple devices as you can now do it for a single monthly subscription fee on Devices for Teams Solution.

Find out below what customers have been asking about our DaaS without the FaaF Devices for Teams solution.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on on our details at the bottom of the page!

In 2018 a shift occurred in our market. Subscription model’s such as ‘Device as a Service’ (DAAS) proposals from manufacturers such as HP and Dell is starting to become the status quo. We realised that, with our 35 years of leasing experience, we could provide something better. A disruptive and flexible solution bolstered & reinforced by our 35 years experience & strong partnerships

We are FCA approved and authorised with Apple, Surface & all premium PC manufacturers. We know our customers, the market and are experts in both the tech and finance. We therefore know that purchasing is financially inefficient and inflexible for fast-growth businesses – you need Devices for Teams: the flexible solution that unites tech and finance needs. – Find out about HardSoft here

We certainly are, and have been since 2011.

Yes, your first order needs to be for 20 devices – DaaS how it works – Blog.

Yes & at any time! It could be just a single unit that you add, at any time over the course of the 36-month agreement.

Yes, after 12 months you can return your devices. Your payments are then reduced to reflect this. It could be a single device or multiple, though you must maintain at least 50% of the original number of devices. Only pay for what you use.

The only restriction is on Apple ‘Configure To Order’ options. We can offer these, but due to them being ‘built to order’ it means we cannot accept any returns before the 24-month point.

Correct, this is a long-term subscription model where we provide you with the optimal configuration of IT devices for as long as you stay with us. Never get left behind & never go out of date.

If they are Apple devices then we will buy them from you! Working or not we love second-hand Apple Computers. As an example a working three year old 15” MacBook Pro we would buy for £480 plus VAT. – Find out how much your devices are worth here.

Repair to any damaged items will be charged at fair market cost. We often will collect from your office directly and any damage will be reported to yourselves initially.

Payments are quarterly & in advance. We invoice every quarter and our payment dates are 1st of January, April, July, October etc… We accept payment via various means though our preferred method is direct debt as this means we can amend payments easily in line with any additional devices added or returned.

Yes, 12 months. Though if you added a Device at 30 months then naturally we would only expect you to retain this to the end of the term therefore paying 6 months subscriptions.

No, for example if we charged you £10 per month for a device on day one then it would be a reduction of £10 when you’re finished with it.

You bet! Every device is covered which means we will collect and repair at your convenience, provide loan equipment whilst yours is away & offer remote IT support available Monday to Friday. We also offer a fantastic MDM solutions, JAMF & Cisco Meraki. We will be your IT Tech team or support your team! – Read DaaS Benefits beyond the economics to find out more!

After 24 months, you can return all the equipment and walk away with no payments or penalties. Though any devices not returned or damaged you will be liable for.

We offer a full imaging service, based on role types and IT requirements. But rest-assured we do what YOU want & have a long history of working hand in hand with our partners IT departments. As well as providing comprehensive & total cover to our partners without dedicated IT departments. We can be as effective & comprehensive or collaborative as you need us to be.

You are responsible and will need to make a claim on your insurance for loss and the proceeds passed to us. We can then remove the subscription from any ongoing payments.

There are NO admin fees! Once set up, adding or taking away devices also will not incur any additional fees beyond the initial subscription cost.

Yes we do. This area will provide Accounting info, Device information & Reports. If you need to see any particular info then we would happily oblige.

Leasing is “a financial arrangement in which a company pays to use land, a vehicle, equipment etc. for a particular period of time” … So the answer is NO as there is no particular time and no particular commitment.

Being a simple subscription solution then ‘devices for teams’ is a fully allowable expense. Remember A.I.A. (or Capital Allowances in old money) ceases beyond £1 million of capital investment per annum. Growing companies that buy computers potentially are wasting a tax advantage.

The key difference is that Devices for Teams allows the continued renewal and return of individual devices within the three-year term and the amendment of future payments to reflect this without any admin fees. Leasing is not as flexible.

As you never own the equipment the agreement is from your Operating Expenses budget.

The ability to return devices; Whenever & wherever without being penalised. HP allows the return of up to 15% of total devices but HardSoft have the ability to return many more and without a penalty. Moreover, there’s no one off fee’s to add new devices.

Yes – All your devices will be covered by our 3-Year Warranty & Support Wrapper where HardSoft will support, manage and maintain all devices for you.

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover
  • Pre-Configurations
  • Tech Support (30min SLA response time)
  • Loan Devices shipped next-day delivery

Every device includes our Support Wrapper with 3-Year Warranty, equivalent loan devices delivered in 24 hours & Tech Support with 30-min response time. There’s also access to optional accidental damage cover options if required.

  • Good for Cash Flow
    Small monthly payments that are Opex tax-friendly. 
  • Increase Productivity & Morale
    Everyone has the latest personalised tech they need when they need it. 
  • True Flexibility
    Add, subtract and change devices as & when your business needs. 
  • Avoid Obsolescence
    No more depreciating assets – upgrade after 12 months. 
  • Full Support
    Full service and support during business hours. 
  • Trusted Partner
    With over 35-years of experience in IT, Apple & FCA approved. 

Cloud-Computing, Network Attached Storage (NAS) & Traditional local servers are all services we can recommend & provide on a pay-monthly plan for your business to enable greater fluidity in task & file management – Contact us for more information & a business ready solution tailored for you.

Yes – Devices are always delivered & set up with the latest Operating System (OS) available for that device. Plus we offer support to ensure Apple Devices are enrolled into Apple Business Manager to manage and track your assets via an online portal – for further control of your devices MDM Solutions are also available for deployment.

We can help you with the hardware but also all the software in it

  • Office 365
  • Security / Anti-Virus – Sophos / Avast
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

We can also offer more than just a laptop, desktop or iPhone but also all the accessories you need plus other office equipment. 

Monitors, docks, keyboards, interactive whiteboards, AV systems, etc – all on a pay monthly solution designed to fit around your business requirements!

Apple (12 months) & PC (18 months) – Ultimately you just let us know when you’re ready to upgrade. We can spin up or spin down devices in as little as 24-hours, getting you the latest tech fast. Stop paying for the old device and start paying for the new one.

Support & Security updates for Windows 7 OS was officially ended in January 2020. To keep your company secure you shouldn’t have any endpoint Windows 7 users. Avoid the upfront costs associated with upgrading to Windows 10 and start paying monthly for your IT.

In the first instance, it needs signing (online) by one of your Authorised signatories. After that if, we can collect a list of whom you would like to Authorise, then we can send any online e-sign amendments to them.

Case Study on 'Lab' - The Human Behaviour Agency

Lab is an award-winning independent Digital Agency and has been partnered with HardSoft for IT hardware and support since 2014. Lab had recently subscribed to HardSoft’s Devices for Teams Solution that's finally provided them with the flexibility they needed to scale after a period of exponential growth since their first HardSoft Lease.   


HardSoft’s technical, account management & Sales teams have all played a vital role in helping Lab centralise their UK offices to SOHO, maintain & encourage their business' focus on flexibility & freedom & transition from desktops to laptops with help from trained, certified engineers both on & off-site.

Lab always has several projects running side by side, so being able to acquire quickly & efficiently the right equipment for these projects with the ability to change or return post-project has given them the solution & tools to be efficient, bold & free with their allocation of IT resources especially now that they have 46 active Apple devices with Devices for Teams. 

HardSoft’s Devices for Teams solution is our unique AppleDaaS solution. An Apple Mac subscription that allows high-growth companies, like Lab, the freedom & flexibility to add, change and return deviceswhenever& however they need.

The HardSoft Solution

HardSoft's unique IT & Subscription Solutions enable Lab’s team to provide their always outstanding service to clients. From 2014 to Present-day our relationship ensured lasting 360° support to foster Lab’ s exponential growth & ensure their cultural focus on flexibility & freedom carried through to their aqusition  of IT hardware & Software. 

Lab offers its clients a full suite of digital services, uniquely mixed with a blend of neuro-marketing, psychology and behavioural economics. Matt Lintott, Operations Director and Pilot @ Lab found HardSoft in 2014 whilst looking for an affordable IT solution which would enable his team to have the right equipment at the right time for projects and the opportunity to grow – it's now 2019 & he hasn’t looked back!

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