Why Should you Outsource Your Device Management?

24th March 2024
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In this blog, we explore the advantages of outsourcing device management, specifically with the Boomerang service offered by HardSoft. We’ll delve into the associated costs, benefits, and various scenarios where Boomerang proves to be a valuable asset.

Understanding the Costs

Costs with Boomerang: £3.25 per device per month + VAT; £39 + VAT per year

Boomerang encompasses a comprehensive set of services, covering shipping, labour, storage, and security costs. These include collection, redelivery, packaging, tracking services, data wiping, device configuration, software licensing, secure warehousing, storage space, security measures, certifications, and compliance audits.

Costs Without Boomerang

Without Boomerang, businesses may face increased internal IT department workloads, environmental costs, and higher expenses for short-term rentals and new device purchases. Intangible costs include the hassle of manual device management, potential damage to reputation from data security breaches, and decreased employee productivity due to time-consuming processes.

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Intangible Benefits of Boomerang

Outsourcing device management to Boomerang provides intangible benefits that go beyond monetary considerations:

  • Efficiency and Security: Boomerang ensures zero-touch deployment, freeing up staff from manual setup processes, leading to more efficient and secure offboarding and onboarding processes.
  • Peace of Mind: Securely managed devices offer confidence, peace of mind, and the convenience of not having to wait for the internal IT team.
  • Flexibility: Boomerang allows for short-term project flexibility, preventing the need to acquire temporary devices elsewhere, leading to enhanced project timelines and opportunities.

Scenarios for Boomerang

Boomerang caters to various scenarios, offering flexibility and efficiency:

  1. Employee Departure: Streamlined offboarding process for departing employees, including secure storage and reconfiguration for the next user.
  2. Temporary Storage: Devices can be kept in cold storage, insured, and protected in the secure warehouse for up to 90 days, facilitating future use.
  3. Short-Term Projects: Ideal for businesses working with freelancers or engaged in short-term projects, Boomerang provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for device management.
  4. Downsizing: Boomerang aids businesses in downsizing by retaining leased devices instead of returning them, offering a practical alternative.
  5. Relocation: Useful for businesses relocating offices, Boomerang ensures devices are securely managed and stored separately during the transition.

In conclusion, outsourcing device management with Boomerang not only reduces tangible costs but also provides intangible benefits, offering businesses peace of mind, flexibility, and enhanced efficiency. The service addresses the complexities of modern device management, allowing companies to focus on their core operations while ensuring their technology remains a valuable asset.