Computer Leasing Reinvented…

It’s leasing, but not as you know it

Remember when leasing computers created more problems than it solved?

If the mountain of paperwork didn’t make you run a mile, then waiting to get the financing approved almost certainly would.

We’ve now reinvented leasing to be a flexible, one-stop solution with the financing, support, zero-touch deployment, new device options, protection cover, and everything else you and your clients need.

After just two years into your lease we give you the option to change your devices or cancel the lease.

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flexi just got flexier for Macs
opex vs Capex

Cashflow friendly solutions

We give you a choice of agile solutions built to fit your OpEx and CapEx goals. Get set up quickly with devices based on your business model with FlexiPure, or Devices for Teams, all with inclusive support.

flexibility logo

As flexible as you need

Choose to continue, cancel, or change after just two years. With Flexi, add more devices or Switch to something better like the latest MacBook Pro. Own your device after three years for just £1!

extensive support

Pro support for pros

Our expert support keeps you and your devices working at peak performance. Choose a Support plan that’s best for your business. Our optional SafeGuard Protection cover reduces downtime when the unexpected happens

Hardsoft leasing building

A single source

Eliminate the need for third parties by choosing a solution which finances, supplies, supports, and secures the devices in your business on a single, hassle-free payment plan.

Zero touch deployment logo

Zero-touch deployment

Each employee works differently, and so should their machines. We personalise each device for your workers’ needs so the software, settings, and security is bespoke to them, ready to use out the box.

trade in devices for other devices or money

Trade-in, Trade up

Trading in your old devices gives you cash or a brand-new device for that much-needed office upgrade. Get the latest Apple and PC devices for your teams.

we are ISO accredited, FCA, GBC approved with over 35 years of experience

Trust us to get the job done

We’ve been delighting businesses with our flexible and affordable leasing solutions, such as Flexi-Lease, for 40 years and regularly receive five-star reviews on Trustpilot. We’re members of the Finance & Leasing Association and have our own finance company, HardSoft Leasing Ltd, so we can do away with third-party, mystery credit brokers.

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