Hiring a Laptop in London

21st May 2020

These days, if a business has to be anything, it has to be agile. We never know what’s around the corner, so your organisation must be ready to adapt to unexpected change. This means being able to access the resources that will allow you to maintain your high standards of service, no matter the circumstances. […]

Cashback in your Bank for your old Apple Mac!

27th April 2020

Our Trade-In scheme just got better. We pay cash for your Apple Devices. HardSoft customers have always been able to make the most of their old hardware when it was time to upgrade to something new, but now you can take advantage of our new cashback trade-in plan. We realise that with the current COVID-19 […]

Introduction to VirtualLink

24th April 2020

The multiple cables needed for VR may finally shrink to just a single USB-C connection, thanks to VirtualLink. Those with a VR headset will be no stranger to the tangle of cables they need to plug in to, and this upgrade will not only reduce the clutter of cables, but it will also make PC-based VR […]

The new XPS 13 from Dell – is it the best yet?

22nd April 2020

Dell tweaks its XPS 13 laptop regularly, refining and reinventing it to be the best version of itself, and they have now released the new XPS 13 9300. Could this be an almost perfect version? The XPS 13 9300 has a 16:10 screen making viewing easier, a larger touchpad, slimmer bezels, and comes with even more […]

What is next for handheld tech?

15th April 2020

It’s amazing to think the first iPhone was only launched in 2007. Since then, the hand-held tech and mobile industry has advanced leaps and bounds, and mobile phones are embedded in our lives more than ever before.   Many industry experts have predicted that mobiles will become even more ingrained into our daily lives, with our lightweight and portable devices almost […]

Apple iMac compared

10th March 2020

The iMac is an iconic all-in-one design from Apple that is synonymous with the brand. Great for both light and demanding users, the iMac range is designed to handle everything from general everyday use, to heavy-duty work and gaming. Coming as a full computer setup including a display, keyboard, mouse or trackpad, the iMac is ideal for anyone who needs a fixed, […]

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