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Read the latest info on Microsoft, from new products such as the surface series to finding out how Microsoft Autopilot can bring benefit to your business. Read out latest blogs which feature a ton of insight into microsoft.

What is Android zero-touch?

22nd June 2022

Androids are developed by Google and well known Android manufacturers are Samsung, Motorola, Acer, Sony, LG and HTC.    The zero-touch enrollment enables businesses to give out corporate-owned devices in masses without manually setting up each device. It creates a seamless deployment method for business owned devices to be deployed on a large-scale quickly and […]

The best laptop for photographers

20th June 2022

Surface Pro 8 Strengths: Portable | High Performance | Touchscreen | Surface Pen The Surface Pro 8 i7 gives you the perfect balance of performance and flexibility in an easy-to-use and highly portable touch device for when you are out on a shoot, and a powerful laptop when back in the studio, equipped with Quad-core […]

How Do You Know If Pure-Rental Is The Right Leasing Package For You?

14th June 2022

While Pure-Rental is the most affordable computer device leasing solution on offer, there are many factors at work that could mean a different lease type is more suited to your business. Often when companies look at essential purchases, including computer hardware, their first impulse is only to consider cost reduction. This makes perfect sense as […]

Why Is Pure-Rental A Great Choice For Hardware Sourcing In Today’s Market?

31st May 2022

For businesses who are seeking computer hardware for their staff, there are several options available. Companies might choose to either Buy, Lease, or Rent their devices. A rental lease, like Hardsoft’s Pure-Rental is particularly appealing for many businesses during the current market conditions. A large amount of economic fluctuation over the past few years has […]

How Does Pure-rental Provide Better Quality Devices At Affordable Prices?

26th May 2022

Pure-Rental is one of several computer device leasing options available from Hardsoft. It provides a unique opportunity for smaller businesses to get their hands on truly high-quality hardware at affordable prices. No other type of lease can offer such state-of-the-art tech at such a low cost. Pure-Rental has become an incredibly popular leasing structure since […]

How Does Pure-Rental Compare To Other Device Leasing Options?

20th May 2022

Pure-Rental is a popular device leasing solution among businesses of all backgrounds. While it is primarily aimed at smaller companies and new launches, its affordability and straightforward system make it desirable to businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries. It is one of the most affordable computer equipment leases in the country. However, it is […]

Why Is Pure-Rental So Convenient For Smaller Businesses?

29th April 2022

What Is Pure Rental? Pure-Rental is one of several computer equipment leasing packages offered by Hardsoft. It is one of our most popular leasing solutions and is the most affordable and straightforward system. It enables businesses to lease computer equipment and thereby spread the cost of business devices into manageable monthly payments instead. Pure-Rental differs […]

How easily can teachers and students become comfortable with Surface SE?

22nd April 2022

In short, very easily. Students and teachers alike will find adopting Microsoft Surface SE devices a breeze. Normally, when suppliers boast about the benefits of a device, it’s all about the plethora of functionality. The latest hardware is always going further and striving to do more while retaining the best of what has gone before. […]

What are the cost benefits of switching to a fully digital classroom?

12th April 2022

There are almost countless benefits to schools embracing a fully digital classroom. In fact, embracing digital elements in any way can improve the learning experience of students. However, many school administrators mistakenly doubt that a digital classroom can be cost-effective. What Is A Digital Classroom? There are several definitions of a digital classroom depending on […]

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