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Read the latest info on Microsoft, from new products such as the surface series to finding out how Microsoft Autopilot can bring benefit to your business. Read out latest blogs which feature a ton of insight into microsoft.

Why Are Microsoft Surface Tablets So Popular?

13th December 2021

Microsoft Surface are among the most popular pieces of computer hardware on the market. They’ve earned a reputation for excellence within the business sphere thanks in part to Microsoft’s trusted brand identity. Microsoft is synonymous with computer hardware in the public psychology. Alongside Apple, Microsoft are easily the biggest names in computer equipment. However, there […]

Using Microsoft Surface Pro As A Second Screen or Monitor

12th May 2021

Dual monitors are increasingly common in a home and business setting. They are particularly popular in industries such as web design, web development, graphic design, digital marketing, CAD, or multimedia production. Of course, dual monitors can be useful in a variety of businesses settings since they increase productivity. Research reveals that there is on average […]

Which is the best Microsoft Surface Pro Model?

27th April 2021

The Microsoft Surface collection hosts a variety of devices to enhance flexible working. With laptops, tablets, computers, smartphones, and other systems, the Surface range has something to offer every industry and mode of working. The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, Pro X, Surface Go, and Surface Book are all adaptive hardware with a 2 in 1 […]

Should I Get A Microsoft Laptop or Surface Tablet?

29th March 2021

Microsoft Surface is a highly popular hardware range for business use. In 2020, the sales of Microsoft Surface devices topped US$2billion. With long battery life, powerful processors, sleek designs, and a host of productivity apps, the collection is helping to make work more enjoyable and efficient. The Microsoft Surface family has a selection of devices, […]

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