Computer Network switches and blue cables close up view

Setting up New Devices onto your Network

12th August 2020

Whether you are using an On-Premise server or Office 365 your network PC’s should be attached to a Directory Service so that you have some control who can login.  That way you have control over passwords and the device if a staff member leaves.  Below are instructions to attach your device onto a Directory Service. […]

Microsoft Outlook logo on blue background

How to Backup and Restore your Emails in MS Outlook

12th August 2020

If you are migrating your emails to another host or simply looking to backup your emails then follow the instructions below. This guide will show you how to export your emails, but you will also learn how to import them back.  Exporting Emails Step 1. Open Outlook and click  File. Step 2. Select Open & Export, then click  Import/Export. Step 3. On the Import and Export […]

Microsoft Office Logo on white background

How to Install Microsoft Office and add your Email Account

12th August 2020

Microsoft Office is now generally licenced via subscription and your Microsoft Office 365 package. If you have either a Microsoft 365 Standard or Apps for Business you can follow the instructions below to install and activate Microsoft Office on your computer.  Alternatively, you can purchase a boxed Microsoft Office 2019 for which instructions for this […]

Microsoft 365 logo on a blue background

How to Create and Manage an Office 365 Mailbox/Email Address

12th August 2020

If you are utilising Microsoft Office 365 and would like to manage or create a new email address, please follow the below instructions to do this in the Microsoft Office 365 admin centre. Log into with your Admin details. They are usually in format (you can always request these details by emailing Once […]

CGI image of a hand and tools for technical support on blue background

How to add users on an On-Premise Server for your Networked PCs

12th August 2020

If you have a physical server in your office then this controls your networked computers.  You can follow the instructions below to create or amend your user accounts. Log into the physical server desktop but entering the Administrator credentials(we can create you a remote shortcut if required) Choose Start→ Administrative Tools → Active Directory Users and Computers. You […]

Dragonfly and Firefly laptops from HP

Insect Laptops – Introducing the Dragonfly and Firefly from HP

11th August 2020

Despite its six month lifespan, the average dragonfly will travel up to 18000km. At incredible speeds of nearly 60mph, they are considered one of the fastest winged insects. The dragonfly is famously associated with the Autumn months in Japanese tradition. The dragonfly is often considered in mythology to bring good luck. Novelist H.E. Bates once […]

Getting Started with Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

7th August 2020

Cisco Meraki’s cloud-based enterprise mobility management tool, Systems Manager, is one of the leading MDMs Increasing numbers of HardSoft customers are looking for a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to help manage their mobile devices remotely, so we thought we’d tell you more about how to get started. Systems Manager covers Mobile Device Management, Mobile […]

Get Set up for School with Apple’s Schoolwork App

4th August 2020

Lease iPads for your school and use Apple’s Schoolwork app to help you maximise their uses. Apple’s Schoolwork app lets teachers assign tasks and worksheets in educational apps such as Purple Mash, view student’s progress, and collaborate with students, all in real time. These steps will get you set up with Schoolwork so that both […]

17″ Laptops – the New Choice for Working From Home

29th July 2020

Screen size matters when working from home. According to data, around 1.7 million people in the UK mainly work from home. A further 8.7 million said that they have worked at home at some point. During the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing numbers of workers have been forced to ditch the office and work from home. And while many are […]

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