MacBook Pro with Apple Big Sur Operating System open on screen

Apple’s Big Sur OS is Almost Upon Us. Are you Ready?

22nd October 2020

The first major change to macOS for more than 15 years, Big Sur brings some of the biggest changes yet. Designed to run on the new Apple Silicon architecture on all new models of Mac, are you ready to upgrade? There are many new features of the new Big Sur macOS, here are the top […]

Mac devices on a pink background

Top 5 benefits of using DaaS (Device as a Service)

19th October 2020

Device as a Service (or DaaS) is an IT equipment subscription model that’s been designed to make procuring the devices your business needs simple and scalable. At Hardsoft, our DaaS subscription is called Devices for Teams. DaaS solutions like Devices for Teams offer businesses an alternative to purchasing essential tech outright. Here are the five […]

SOLIDWORKS 3DExperience 2021 logo on blue background

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2021?

16th October 2020

SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE including SOLIDWORKS 2021 We are one of only a handful of authorised companies offering SOLIDWORKS CAD packages and the first to be approved in the last 9 years, but we’re doing it with a difference. SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE is available on a monthly subscription payment over a one year lease, all installed and supported […]

Laptop tablet and smart phone on a blue background

A Complete Guide to Cisco Meraki

9th October 2020

What is Cisco Meraki and what offerings can you get through HardSoft? Get the answers in this guide to Cisco Meraki. Almost every business these days has a host of digital servers and devices at their disposal. Organising all of these items under one roof may feel like a nightmare but it doesn’t have to […]

Why is my Mac Running Slow 2020?

8th October 2020

There’s nothing more frustrating than your Mac running slowly and preventing you working at the pace you need to. So you’ve checked that it’s not your broadband/WiFi connection, a network issue, or a major issue with your computer, so why is your Mac running slow? You may have resource-heavy apps running in the background, out […]

Dell updates the XPS 13 laptop with 11th-Gen Intel CPUs

7th October 2020

Last week Dell announced they were upgrading the XPS 13 Range The XPS 13 2-in-1, and XPS 13 Developer Edition, are being refreshed with 11th Generation Intel processors, we take a look. These are the first Dell laptops to have Evo certification from Intel, which means they support fast charging, can wake from sleep in […]

Should you Buy an AMD Ryzen or Intel Laptop?

1st October 2020

There are so many choices and processors, how do you even understand which one to choose? How do you demystify these letters and numbers too? AMD versus Intel has become a more common question for customers in recent times. Intel has been on top of the laptop market for a long time, around 15 years […]

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