HardSoft's Got Talent on a Union Flag background

HardSoft’s Got Talent… Review a product and earn cash

31st March 2020

Review your device, upload the video and we’ll pay for your content. If you’ve bought or leased a new device in the past 12 months we’d love you to do a video review of your device(s) which we’ll upload onto our YouTube channel. Help us to share with our community all the great products available […]

We can build your custom PC - Custom PC's x 3 and can have Intel Core i5, Core i7 & Core i9

Custom PCs: What do I need?

25th March 2020

Building your own custom desktop has many advantages over buying one pre-built, allowing you to create something tailored to your specific needs. You can create a customised device unique to you and during the process, you will gain a better understanding of how all of the components work together. Not only that, you may potentially […]

Work from home pressures

Home Truths: How to Keep Motivated When You Work From Home

18th March 2020

As businesses and employees face the threat of Covid-19, more people are facing the prospect of working from home. With a cumulative sum of Coronavirus cases quickly approaching 1,400, working from home is becoming more of a reality.  While many employees would jump at the idea of working from home, it isn’t ideal for everyone. It takes […]

Cisco Meraki logo with green background

What is Cisco Meraki and how can it help me?

16th March 2020

Cisco Meraki is a cloud networking architecture that can be managed from anywhere in the world, creating secure and scalable networks with a centralised dashboard. Designed to change the way we think about network management, Cisco Meraki uses out-of-band cloud architecture, allowing you to manage your network from almost any device through an easy-to-use mobile […]

As COVID-19 Spreads, More Companies Are Turning to Remote Working

12th March 2020

As the world braces for the spread of Covid19, health officials are encouraging businesses to send their employees home. What started out with tech giants like Microsoft and Apple is becoming commonplace in businesses across the country. Workers are leaving their desks and taking up remote working to stop the spread. But so-called “work from home” […]

The Importance of Effectively Managing the ‘Alternative Workforce’

11th March 2020

Alternative workforces are fast becoming the norm, but how can you, as a business, maintain, manage, and satisfy the needs of your talent pool while you juggle the specific IT and infrastructure requirements that an alternative workforce demands? With freelancer numbers doubling from 2000 and 2014, they are the fastest-growing group within the EU workforce. […]

Apple iMac compared

10th March 2020

The iMac is an iconic all-in-one design from Apple that is synonymous with the brand. Great for both light and demanding users, the iMac range is designed to handle everything from general everyday use, to heavy-duty work and gaming. Coming as a full computer setup including a display, keyboard, mouse or trackpad, the iMac is ideal for anyone who needs a fixed, […]

Apple iOS Security and Privacy

5th March 2020

With Apple consistently releasing new and ever-changing technology, advanced security via iOS is a number one priority in ensuring all user data is protected. Apple is able to distinguish personal use from corporate and can safeguard users in ways that were never possible before. Apple products are vital to its consumers, keeping them constantly connected […]

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