Man making decision for investor

What’s The Right Type of Investor For Your Scaleup?

26th July 2021

There are a variety of funding avenues available for scaleups looking to score their Series A, B or C funding. Not all investor types are the same. The suitability of investors for a scaleup company will depend on your industry, goals, size and much more. Each type of investor funding offers different advantages for the […]

Meeting benefits of computer leasing

Benefits of Computer Leasing For Your Business

23rd July 2021

Improve Your Operations By Leasing Business Computer Equipment Did you know that leasing your computer equipment can yield a variety of financial advantages for businesses? There are now numerous ways for businesses to lease IT hardware. These packages can boost flexibility and employee performance for your company. So, what are some of the ways that […]

Scaleup Vs Startup: Key Differences

20th July 2021

Hardsoft has a selection of leasing packages that are perfectly suited to match the needs of aspiring scaleups and startups. Both of these types of businesses are looking to save money while actively growing. Leasing IT devices can provide the opportunity to utilise the best equipment while reducing and spreading the cost of IT hardware. […]

Small business using affordable technology

How Affordable Tech Is Improving Small Business Efficiency

15th July 2021

There’s traditionally been a clear-cut dynamic when it comes to business size: big companies would have all the resources to spend heavily on improvement and marketing, but their small startup counterparts would have far greater flexibility and freedom to operate creatively. Over time, though, old attitudes have been worn down, and it’s become more common […]

Why Leasing Hardware Enables Faster Scaleups

14th July 2021

Scaling up a business isn’t easy. Even the most highly valued startups face difficulty in becoming successful scaleups and maintaining their growth targets. The biggest hurdle is stretching their initial funding rounds to adequately cover their growth while becoming profitable. There’s a common saying in business that ‘you must spend money to make money’. While […]

Man and woman shacking hands while talking illustration

The Best Hardware Financing Options For Scaling Businesses

9th July 2021

When you’re rapidly expanding your workforce, equipment financing can seem complex. Scaleup businesses must invest to develop their offering and attract new customers in order to drive that 20% growth year on year. A big part of this will be growing your pool of talent. This new team will require high performing IT hardware to […]

Ultimate Guide to IT Leasing

5th July 2021

One of the most financially challenging aspects for any business is the initial purchase of new equipment. For many, the option to invest outright in expensive equipment simply isn’t a viable option, particularly for smaller businesses or start-ups. Not only is buying equipment pricey – maintenance and upgrades can leave a significant dint in your […]

What is a Scaleup business?

25th June 2021

Startups vs scaleups The term scaleup is becoming more and more common in the business world and is one that is synonymous with startups. The key difference between the two is a simple one. Startups work in an environment of innovation and experimentation, with the primary aim being to get their business off the ground. […]

What is a Startup Business

22nd June 2021

The term “startup” is one you will almost certainly be familiar with, but what does it mean? A startup is someone’s passion, focusing on an idea, and finding a way to achieve their goals in the market. In the first steps of the new business, the startup entrepreneur will have a vision of a product […]

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