Man sitting down with budget document on his tablet

IT budgets and financial year 2021

19th April 2021

It’s that time of year when businesses are addressing their IT procurement budgets and seeing if they can invest in better technology. After the unprecedented year of 2020, IT budgets will likely be reduced for many industries, with IT leaders assessing the needs and priorities going into the next financial year. When the pandemic hit, […]

Device as a Service

What is DaaS and why it can benefit your business

14th April 2021

What is DaaS? With Device as a Service (DaaS), manufacturers offer their devices with added productivity and security software. Instead of purchasing these devices outright, businesses will pay for these devices on a subscription model. DaaS is a relatively new concept. In 2015, no major PC manufacturers offered a DaaS solution. By 2019 that changed, […]

Gaming tech trends for 2021 and beyond

Gaming tech trends for 2021 and beyond

6th April 2021

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and game developers are always looking to innovate and improve the overall experience across various platforms. Whether you’re a game developer, professional gamer, or just play more casually, gaming tech is exciting and 2021 is set to be another major year for the industry. With increasing competition in the […]

Accident occuring with liquid spilling onto laptop with dog in background

Accidental Damage Protection For Mac / PC Devices Explained

30th March 2021

Our Accidental Damage protection keeps you covered for any accidents that are sudden or unexpected to your devices. Your Apple device is protected with free accidental damage cover; this service is also available for Windows / PC devices for a small extra cost. What does our accidental damage cover? This includes, for example, dropping your […]

Picture of a MicroSoft Surface Tablet

Should I Get A Microsoft Laptop or Surface Tablet?

29th March 2021

Microsoft Surface is a highly popular hardware range for business use. In 2020, the sales of Microsoft Surface devices topped US$2billion. With long battery life, powerful processors, sleek designs, and a host of productivity apps, the collection is helping to make work more enjoyable and efficient. The Microsoft Surface family has a selection of devices, […]

Illustration of 3 characters working from home in different environments

Remote working in 2020 – what did we learn?

26th March 2021

After the unprecedented year that was 2020, we’re reflecting on lessons learned and how businesses have adjusted to remote working. Becoming more equipped for evolving technology and the increasing demand for remote working was once a slow shift, but last year forced an acceleration that put IT budgets to the test. What did we learn […]

Want a free trial of the Microsoft Surface Duo?

23rd March 2021

You can have a new Microsoft Surface Duo trial FREE for 72 hours! A brand new Surface Duo will be couriered to your office for 72 hours. Explore, play and download any software you wish so you can see exactly how good it could be for you. Don’t worry about the contents and applications you’ve […]

Why Microsoft Surface Is One of the Best Tablets For Work

12th March 2021

The working world has changed rapidly over the last few years thanks in part to advancing tech, but also the working style demands of the pandemic. The requirement for more flexible business devices has made Microsoft Surface tablets some of the most desirable on the market.   The Microsoft Surface range covers a wide selection […]

Microsoft Surface and Zero-Touch deployment with Autopilot

10th March 2021

Deploying computers across your business used to be a pretty straightforward process for IT teams, with standardized hardware and software fostering a one-size-fits-all approach to equipping the workforce. Today’s WFH workplace has turned endpoint device deployment into a complex, arduous process. The increasingly mobile workforce now uses a variety of company- or employee-owned devices. The […]

The Difference Between Microsoft Surface Books, Pro, Go & Surface Laptops

7th March 2021

The Microsoft Surface family is a large one. There is an entourage of versatile, flexible, and high performing devices for every situation. Microsoft Surface products come in both a home-use variety and a business variety, with business models providing additional features. Each of the different Microsoft Surface business devices have specialist attributes and a different […]

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