IT leasing reinvented

Imagine leasing made easy…

Of all the challenges faced by start-up businesses, finding and supplying the right computer devices doesn’t have to be one of them. Flexi-Lease offers the flexibility, financing, support, and insurance in a single, IT solution.

Reason #1

Easy payments

There’s no need to buy computers outright. Instead, enjoy the benefits of a cashflow-friendly leasing solution where you can acquire high-end devices with no up-front fees.

5. cancel early

Reason #2

Cancel early

There’s no telling what the future brings so if for whatever reason you no longer need to continue with your Flexi-Lease solution, you can simply cancel early.

3. single source for your needs

Reason #3

A single source

Start leasing your business devices with Flexi-Lease and enjoy a one-stop solution for financing, payments, paperwork, hardware delivery and tech support.

4. personalised devices

Reason #4


Zero-touch deployment means we’ll pre-load all the apps, settings, and security, all managed with an MDM solution such as Apple Business Manager. Everything is ready to go out the box.

Reason #5


Give each of your employees the machines they need to do their work when they need them, without worrying about extra costs.

6. secure devices

Reason #6

100% secure

Get expert assistance according to your business needs with our three-tiered support on all devices.

7. trusted partner

Reason #7

Trusted by many

Our customers have trusted us to deliver the best results for their businesses for over 35 years, and in that time, we’ve gained many strings to our bow.

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