PC Desktop Leasing

Flexi-Lease Most Popular: Options to upgrade & own - Pure Rental Straightforward: Return at end for our lowest cost
Lease a Desktop PC for your business. Custom PC’s, Graphics workstations, Intel or AMD. PC business leasing Available on our Flexi-Lease or Pure-Rental solutions with 3 years support.

Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro Tower PC Desktop

Everyday Business Desktops

A range of affordable and powerful machines, perfect for everyday business needs. Not only do these machines offer great performance but are also superb value for money.

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DELL XPS - 8930 PC Desktop

PC Graphics Workstation

Graphics Workstations are perfect for creative or design professionals. High specifications with built-in upgrade paths, make our personalised Strongbox, HP, Custom Built HSI or Lenovos capable of anything.

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K custom PC 12th gen i9 GeForce RTX GPU

Custom Built Computer

If you need a powerful high-end PC that can handle your specialist software take a look at our HSI range. We can custom build a PC that fits whatever specification you need.

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Inset Razer Blade & HP Z240 Workstation with GeForce RTX Graphics

Gaming PC's

A modern gaming computer gives you a performance-oriented device with dedicated GPU & high core-count CPU perfect for high-performance use! These are PC’s designed for playing video games & that requires a lot of computing power.

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Lenovo ThinkCentre V510z All in one PC Desktop

All In One PC Desktop

HardSoft offers a wide selection of All-in-One PCs from leading manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP and Dell. HardSoft offer a vast range of All-In-One PC’s to suit your business needs.

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