Docking Stations

Our range of laptop USB-C, thunderbolt and universal docking stations greatly expand the connectivity of your devices to improve productivity, and make working at a desk much more enjoyable. Connect all the peripherals you need, including multiple monitors when needed.

i-tec Docks

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Whether you need a compact universal Thunderbolt 4 hub, a triple 4K display dock, or a Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock with multiple ports and 4K display support, i-tec provides versatile solutions to meet your needs.

Sonnet Tech Docks

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Sonnet Tech offer a range of Thunderbolt and DisplayPort docks and hubs with power delivery and various combinations of interface ports for compatible Mac and windows computers.

Caldigit Docks

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These docks empower users to seamlessly connect peripherals, displays, and accessories, making them essential tools for efficient workflows and seamless multitasking.

Alogic Docks

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Alogic docks offer seamless connectivity and enhanced productivity, making them essential companions for modern workspaces.

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Alternative docking stations for your office, including the Satechi iMac SSD Dock to expand the storage capability of your Apple desktop.