We’re proud members of the Apple Consultants Network

As you may have seen already, our support plans, device deployment service and security provision give your business everything it needs to be successful. But what if you need specialist support with an Apple device? This is where the Apple Consultants Network comes in.

Giving you access to a global community of experts

The Apple Consultants Network (ACN) is a global community of independent technology service providers that specialise in Apple solutions for SMEs (small to medium enterprises).

When it comes to selecting Apple devices for your business, ensuring comprehensive support from certified Apple engineers is crucial. By being part of the esteemed Apple Consultants Network (ACN), we possess the necessary expertise, allowing us to provide top-tier support and valuable insights.

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Accredited by Apple – Our certifications

With our range of certificates, we are well-equipped to assist in the growth of your business and ensure seamless operations. Count on us for expert-level guidance and dedicated support tailored to your unique business needs. We have certification in the following areas;

Apple Deployment & Management

Our Apple Deployment & Management certification guarantees expertise in remotely deploying and managing Apple devices using MDM solutions for efficient workflow optimisation.

Apple Consultants Series

The Apple Consultants Series is a required certification for all Apple Consultants, ensuring ACN membership and validating their expertise in providing comprehensive support and services.

Jamf Certified Associate

Our Jamf Certified Associate certificate guarantees our proficiency in utilizing the Jamf Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to effectively manage Apple devices.

Click here to learn more about how we’re qualified in Mobile Device Management platforms and much more at our official ACN profile.

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Partnering with an Apple Consultant for Expert Support

Have total confidence in Hardsoft as your Apple expert, supporting all of your Apple devices.

Our Solutions Engineers, proudly affiliated with the Apple Consultants Network, undergo specialised training to assist startups and SMEs. With Consultancy, Support, and Device Management, you’re in capable hands.

Experience the convenience of accessing the extended ‘Apple Experience’ akin to consulting directly with Apple itself.

Peace of mind with 360 support

Select any of our 360 Support Plans (Silver, Gold, or Platinum) for market-leading, ACN-qualified technical support.

You will receive a rapid 1-hour SLA response time, loan devices, Apple Business Manager, and onsite visits.

Our dedicated Apple Consultants will closely align with your business to understand your challenges and goals, becoming an essential part of your growth plan.

Download our PDF for full plan details.

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Manage your devices without compromising on security

We specialise in hassle-free Apple device deployment.

Get your devices ready to use right out of the box with our zero-touch setup. Our experts handle Mobile Device Management (MDM) setup, management, and support, ensuring the perfect solution for your needs.

We also offer antivirus and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services. Discover our deployment and security solutions;

Click here to learn more about our Deployment solutions

Click here to learn more about our Security solutions

Offering consultancy and a whole lot more

As your business scales, we offer technology solutions and expertise.

Our services include Boomerang for device lifecycle management. We can set up, support, and manage Microsoft 365 on Apple devices.

Our certified consultants ensure your needs are met, and we tap into a global community of Apple experts for additional knowledge.

Let us provide the right hardware and software for your team’s success.

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