Specialists in leasing computers and technology since 1984

Founded in 1984, HardSoft has taken a completely unique approach to leasing. We are proud to say that we are a One Stop Solution: we give you expert advice on technology and financing, as well as providing you with equipment to benefit your business. Because of this, we can say that we are much cheaper than other leasing services, and can also make tailor-made solutions to suit each company’s specific needs through our partnerships and leasing options.

We are not only authorised partners and suppliers for a multitude of companies including Apple, Lenovo, Toshiba, Panasonic, HP and many more, we are also an accredited Credit Broker licenced by the FCA. Due to this, we are able to offer a large number of different leasing options to suit your business and its demands.

Our Flexi- Leases are extremely competitively priced and our lease packages offer so many bonus extras!

‘Flexi-Lease’ by HardSoft is the fusion of our credit brokering service and our partnership with many brands. It is the unique alternative to the purchasing of your IT supplies –

  • 3 Years FREE warranty for both PC & Mac
  • Telephone technical support throughout the duration of your lease
  • Ownership of your device for just £1 at the lease term
  • CHANGE, CONTINUE & CANCEL options during your lease

Because we have our own team of highly-trained engineers in the office and on the road, we can be on hand to install, maintain and support your technology. With branches in both London and Hertfordshire, we pride ourselves in being flexible and responsive to your needs.

Our exciting lease solutions are available to ALL sizes of business, including start-ups and new companies. We offer a genuine substitution to bank loans, which are normally set at higher rates and with large admin fees. However, our leases offer so much more than simply finance.

Leasing in the UK is big business and with so many businesses seeing the value of leasing cars, phones and photocopiers it makes sense to lease more of your IT. People upgrade their cars every 2-3 years and phones yearly. They know they will want a newer model in a short space of time. The progression of technology and IT moves very quickly in this day and age; we all know that when we buy a device it will be only months before it is out of date. It makes perfect business sense to lease our devices so that we do not become stagnant.

The Federation of Small Businesses says, “We feel it makes perfect sense in this present difficult climate to lease rather than buy IT equipment.” Not only does leasing offer the opportunity to upgrade equipment, it also gives businesses the chance to keep hold of their cash. Cash flow, especially for small-medium sized businesses is imperative.

Our credentials

Due to our complete flexibility and tailor-made contracts at Hardsoft, we are happy to offer leases for 1-4 years, which operate through monthly, quarterly or annual payments by direct debit or invoice. We are able to take a larger upfront payment and reduce your payments on your plan or defer payments. Our leasing solutions are also not only for Hardware. We can add Software licenses and maintenance to your lease.

Operating leases for schools and Pure Rentals for companies are available on Apple Mac equipment. These offer smaller repayments although your devices must be returned at the lease term.

Give us a call or drop us an email. We will share our 30 years of experience to answer your questions and show you the benefits of our ‘Flexi-Lease’…

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