We’ll find a home for your unwanted IT

Here at HardSoft, we are committed to doing everything we can to help the environment. We’ve made changes to a number of our internal operations such as logistics and packaging, but we didn’t stop there!

We offer a number of green incentives to our customers. These offers not only solve your business’ IT needs with high-end devices on a bespoke leasing solution, but they also provide devices with a second life! This results in less of our environment’s natural resources being used to create new computers, as well as financial benefits for our customers!

Recycle to help the environment

If you’re unsure with what to do with your old PC, then recycle with HardSoft. It has always been important to HardSoft to help where we can, and we also actively encourage our businesses to go green.

Not only are there financial benefits to recycling your old PC, there are also ethical benefits as well. So what happens to your devices when it’s recycled? Once we have collected your device, it will be checked and data removed.

We will then send it to a facility where it will be sorted, graded, and prepared to be broken down into parts.

Existing Customers Can Recycle for Free – Book a Collection here

trade in your old computer devices

What happens once we collect your old device?

Once we have collected your PC, it will be checked over and all remaining data will be wiped. Once your data has been removed, your old machine will be sent to a facility operated by our third-party Trade-in partners, which are registered with the UK Environment Agency and focus on re-use.

Your old computer will be sorted, graded, and prepared to either be re-sold or to be broken down into parts.

By separating the materials and breaking them down to their raw forms such as glass or metal, they can be sent back to manufacturers to create new products. Any parts that can’t be reused are recycled responsibly.

New IT equipment is a huge source of environmental waste. Each time a new machine is created, more fossil fuels, for instance, oil, coal, and natural gas are used, and more raw materials like lumber, steel, and plastic are sourced via methods such as mining or deforestation. None of this is good for the planet, and as a society, we need to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Conserving natural resources is vital for the future well-being of our planet. By recycling your old laptop or desktop, you help reduce the strain on the environment, and contribute to a more sustainable society! When you recycle your old Apple MacBook, iMac, Lenovo ThinkPad, Dell XPS, etc. you’re recycling all the materials and components that are used to build these machines. This means there’s less demand to make source more of these materials, and therefore fewer fossil fuels, mining, and raw materials are needed to make new products!

The result of this is that there is a reduction in the harmful damage done to the natural world. The more we recycle, the fewer forests are cut down, the fewer wild animals are harmed, and less pollution fills our air and water.