Microsoft Teams Rooms

Easily facilitate video conferencing and collaboration in your meeting rooms or conference spaces. Teams Rooms combines hardware and software to create a seamless meeting experience.

How does it work?

Microsoft Teams Rooms integrates with Microsoft Teams, a popular communication and collaboration platform, allowing users to join and host meetings directly from the room system. It provides a dedicated meeting room interface that simplifies the process of starting and managing meetings, sharing content, and interacting with participants.

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The Microsoft Teams ecosystem

microsoft teams phone

Teams Phone

A cloud-based phone system that can be used with Microsoft Teams. It allows users to make and receive calls to and from landlines and mobiles on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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microsoft teams room

Teams Rooms

A meeting room solution that combines a large screen, a camera, a microphone, and speakers to provide a seamless experience for video conferencing and collaboration.

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microsoft teams handset

Teams Handsets

A range of desk phones that are designed to work with Microsoft Teams. Teams handsets offer a variety of features, such as calling, voicemail, and integration with Microsoft Exchange.

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Unleash the power of Microsoft Teams

Seamlessly schedule meetings, invite guests, and share content on your devices. As the meeting time arrives, effortlessly join by selecting a room or using the meeting ID.

Boosting productivity, enjoy collaborative perks like screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and virtual hand-raising.

Enhanced collaboration

Teams Rooms promote effective team collaboration with screen sharing, content sharing, and interactive whiteboarding.

High-quality audio & video

Teams Rooms offer a clear audio and crisp video for effective communication in any meeting space.

Scalability and flexibility

Teams Rooms scales to accommodate various room sizes and can be centrally managed for different collaboration needs.

Seamless meeting experience

Teams Rooms simplify meetings with a user-friendly interface for easy joining and starting.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Teams Rooms seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, enabling full functionality within the meeting room.

Security & Compliance

Teams Rooms uphold high-security standards, protecting sensitive information and providing data control options.

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Revolutionise communication and collaboration

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a meeting room solution that transforms traditional meeting spaces into dynamic and collaborative environments. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to enhance communication and collaboration for teams.

Teams Rooms makes it easy for users to connect and collaborate using advanced features like video conferencing, screen sharing, file sharing, and virtual whiteboarding. This streamlines meetings, improves productivity, and enables seamless collaboration across geographically dispersed teams.

How will Microsoft Teams Rooms benefit my business?

Enhance your meetings

Teams Rooms simplify meetings with a user-friendly interface and high-quality audio/video, improving the experience.

Productivity boost

Collaboration tools like screen sharing and virtual whiteboarding foster efficient teamwork.


Teams Rooms eliminate the need for expensive conferencing systems, saving organisations money.

Simplified Management

Centralised tools make it easy to configure and maintain meeting rooms.

Flexibility & Mobility

Join meetings from anywhere, promoting collaboration regardless of location.

Microsoft Integration

Teams Rooms seamlessly integrate with Microsoft’s suite of tools for enhanced collaboration and workflow efficiency.

Don’t just communicate, innovate!

Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to transform traditional meeting spaces into modern, collaborative environments, making it easier for teams to connect and collaborate using the power of Microsoft Teams.

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