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How Apple M1 Chips Make Macs More Accessible

28th September 2021

There are a host of impressive advantages to buying a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. Benefits of the M1 chip Macs include: High performance Extremely high speeds Excellent efficiency These are the core features that have been turning heads in the industry. It is primarily the extensively increased speeds and […]

Coming Back to the Office with Apple

24th September 2021

Nearly all social distancing restrictions have been lifted in England. This means many staff are returning to the office after months on furlough or from WFH (working from home). With a majority of staff returning to some degree, now is an excellent opportunity for businesses to assess their current setup and how they can help […]

Why the M1 Chip is Triggering A Mass Migration to Macs

21st September 2021

The recent introduction of the M1 chip in Apple products has been causing significant cultural waves. This goes far beyond the tech world, or even the business world. The M1 chips are set to shake up the system for us all in the best possible way. A Review of Apple’s Popularity The popularity of Apple […]

The New Apple M1 Chips Vs Intel Chips

17th September 2021

The launch of the new Apple M1 chip has certainly caused a stir in the world of computer hardware. The success of these chips has not only impressed Apple fans but caused many users to try Apple devices for the first time. The debut of the M1 chips has certainly been positive for Apple, but […]

The Perfect Time To Transition To Apple: macOS Monterey & M1 Chips

10th September 2021

With both the latest macOS update on the horizon and the new Apple M1 chips in circulation, there has never been a better time to transition to Apple. With lockdowns and social distancing restrictions ending, more workers are returning to the office. Safety measures are still a top priority, and many companies are strategizing on […]

How macOS Monterey Enhances Online Communication

7th September 2021

This autumn 2021 will likely see the release of the latest macOS system. While not as expansive as the previous macOS update, entitled BigSur, this latest update has some really exciting features. MacOS Monterey was officially announced in June. A public release date is yet to be confirmed, though there is speculation it could be […]

What To Expect From The macOS Monterey Operating System

2nd September 2021

Monterey has been unveiled and will be released this fall. This is latest Mac operating system from Apple and will bring some interesting changes and improvements. Expect to see changes including: Major Safari revamp Shortcuts app – Even more productivity boosting apps for offices, including Focus Live Text and Visual Lookup Privacy enhancements Apple Mac […]

Why Apple M1 Chips Bring New Meaning to Speed

30th August 2021

There was a great deal of excitement when the Apple M1 chip launched. It’s always exciting to have a new generation of sleek Apple Mac devices. However, that initial thrill has not abated with the new M1 chips. This innovative technology is continuing to draw positive attention. It isn’t merely exciting because this is a […]

How to use ABM with Apple Configurator 2

1st March 2021

When you purchase new Apple devices through Apple Business Manager, they are automatically registered in your ABM portal. However, you might have older devices, or BYOD (bring your own device) situations, where you need to add additional hardware to Apple Business Manager and your MDM solution. For these scenarios, you can use Apple Configurator 2 […]

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