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What Laptop is Best for a Business Analyst?

12th September 2023

Choosing the right laptop is crucial for any role within a company. Not every business laptop is equal or even similar. Some models will be far more suited to the tasks of a particular role or industry. Engaging with experts in computer equipment, such as Hardsoft’s consultants, is a great way to ensure that you […]

Why does Apple want you to Trade in your old iPhone?

13th October 2022

Can I trade in my phone for cash? If you have an iPhone, you can absolutely trade in your old device for cash. In fact, for businesses, this is a smart way to gain money towards upgrading to newer and better Apple equipment for your staff. You can actually trade in all Mac computers, Apple […]

How to Finance a MacBook

12th September 2022

There are a number of ways to finance a MacBook or MacBook Pros for your business. Whether it’s a small business, a start-up, or a large enterprise, there are numerous acquisition routes to sourcing the hardware for your company. If you’re considering how to finance a MacBook or collection of Apple devices for your offices, […]

The Apple Pro Display XDR for professionals

15th January 2022

Apple’s Pro Display XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range) is a high-end Apple monitor designed to disrupt the reference display space with its 6k resolution, extremely high contrast and true to life image quality, all at a fraction of the size, weight and cost currently offered by the competition. With its many, industry-driven, reference modes that describe […]

Trade-in Old Apple Device For New M1 Macs

15th December 2021

The new M1 Macs are providing businesses with some prime opportunities to boost productivity, employee happiness and quality of work output in their offices. However, if you already have Apple devices, it’s very simple to trade them in for an M1 upgrade. One of the reasons that Macs are so popular is thanks to their […]

How Apple M1 Chips Make Macs More Accessible

28th September 2021

There are a host of impressive advantages to buying a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. Benefits of the M1 chip Macs include: High performance Extremely high speeds Excellent efficiency These are the core features that have been turning heads in the industry. It is primarily the extensively increased speeds and […]

Exploring M2 Chip: Unmatched Speed Triggering Mac Migration

21st September 2021

In 2022, Apple launched its second chip designed specifically for Macs – the M2 chip. Since then, it has made waves in the tech industry and set a new standard for performance and power efficiency. In this blog, we will explore the latest insights into the M2 chip to provide a comprehensive overview of the […]

The New Apple M2 Chips Vs Intel Chips

17th September 2021

The New Apple M2 Chips vs Intel Chips Apple’s new M2 chips are set to replace Intel chips in Macs. Here’s how the M2 chips compare to Intel chips: Energy Efficiency Compared to Intel chips, the M2 chips are significantly more energy efficient. the M2 chips consume less power, resulting in longer battery life, faster performance, and […]