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Mac Studio and Studio Display

6th May 2022

Apple is once again targeting professional creatives with the introduction of a new desktop computer. The compact, and powerful Mac Studio possesses the performance, connectivity, and capabilities to turn any space into a professional studio. From photographers who wish to utilise Photoshop’s AI and machine learning to 3D artists rendering out the most complex scenes, […]

Why Is Pure-Rental So Convenient For Smaller Businesses?

29th April 2022

What Is Pure Rental? Pure-Rental is one of several computer equipment leasing packages offered by Hardsoft. It is one of our most popular leasing solutions and is the most affordable and straightforward system. It enables businesses to lease computer equipment and thereby spread the cost of business devices into manageable monthly payments instead. Pure-Rental differs […]

Understanding The Different Types of 5G

7th April 2022

The latest generation of network broadband is becoming more widely available. When most people think of 5G, they look forward to its most popularised features, including high speeds, more data and lower latency. 5G actually has far more varied benefits than many businesses initially realise. This is because there isn’t just one kind of 5G. […]

What is the most powerful Lenovo laptop?

30th March 2022

Currently in 2022, the 2nd generation ThinkPad P15v is the most powerful Lenovo laptop, making use of the powerful 11th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA graphics. What makes it so powerful? Using the already-strong 1st generation ThinkPad P15v as a starting point and supported by the latest and most powerful Intel Core i9 Processor, […]

How can I see what’s running on my Mac?

23rd March 2022

If you’ve noticed your Mac has slowed down, keeps freezing, or isn’t behaving as it usually does, the chances are, it’s being caused by an application that you’ve got running in the background or the operating system (OS). Apps and background processes can run after programmes have been closed, using valuable system power and memory. […]

How To Enable 5G On Your Laptop

18th March 2022

Many new laptops have 5G capabilities. This means that they can access the high speed, newest generation network. Using your 5G on your laptop can you give you a far more reliable connection, particularly if you’re Wi-Fi is spotty or disrupted. It is up to 1000x faster than previous generations in some areas. Your workers […]

What are the types of DaaS?

16th March 2022

It’s likely that, at some point or another, you’ve come across the term DaaS. The acronym itself is still a relatively young one, and many technology organisations have developed it into a range of different meanings. So, it’s no wonder that customers and even Google can be a little uncertain as to what DaaS means […]

How Can D4T Help With Zero Touch Deployment Of Hardware?

9th March 2022

Restrictions may be coming to an end across the UK in the wake of falling COVID cases, but the zero-touch deployment of computer equipment is still extremely valuable to businesses. Why Is Zero-Touch Deployment Desirable? It’s safe It’s efficient It’s flexible It’s ideal for multiple sites It saves time It removes burdens from your IT […]

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