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Pure-Rental is now cheaper on Selected PCs!

8th June 2020

Our Pure-Rental solution has always been a cost-effective way to get the latest tech, but now, with savings up to 24%, it’s even cheaper on selected tier-one brand PCs! You may want the latest tech for your business but would rather not purchase the equipment and instead prefer to take advantage of reduced payments, this […]

Pure-Rental on Apple Macs just got cheaper

21st May 2020

In partnership with Apple Financial Services, we have now revamped our Pure-Rental solution to make it even better for our Mac and Surface customers, with savings up to 30%. Not all customers want to purchase their equipment and would rather take advantage of reduced payments, and that’s where our Pure-Rental solution comes into it’s own. […]

Flexi-12: A new Mac Leasing Solution for the New World

4th May 2020

Cancellable, flexible, with less commitment. Designed for the post-coronavirus challenge. HardSoft’s popular Flexi-Lease gives you all the options to CHANGE, CONTINUE, or CANCEL two years into your 3-year lease, as well as the HardSoft service wrapper that keeps you secure and supported throughout. But with uncertain times brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, we realise that some businesses may […]

Experience a Mac Pro FREE for 7 Days!

29th April 2020

Available for a limited time only: The Mac Pro is modular, scalable, and built for impressive performance, and now you can trial one FREE of charge, delivered and installed for 7 days! The Mac Pro is designed with professional consumers in mind. A system created for a wide range of professionals to push and redefine […]

What is an eGPU?

28th April 2020

As technology improves and consumer expectations rise, the idea of an external graphics card (eGPU) is becoming more of a mainstream possibility. Of course, a fully kitted out desktop computer will offer you the most flexibility when it comes to personalising your experience, however, you can now add the power you would expect from a full-tower computer to […]

Apple iMac compared

10th March 2020

The iMac is an iconic all-in-one design from Apple that is synonymous with the brand. Great for both light and demanding users, the iMac range is designed to handle everything from general everyday use, to heavy-duty work and gaming. Coming as a full computer setup including a display, keyboard, mouse or trackpad, the iMac is ideal for anyone who needs a fixed, […]

Apple iOS Security and Privacy

5th March 2020

With Apple consistently releasing new and ever-changing technology, advanced security via iOS is a number one priority in ensuring all user data is protected. Apple is able to distinguish personal use from corporate and can safeguard users in ways that were never possible before. Apple products are vital to its consumers, keeping them constantly connected […]

My Day with the Apple XDR Display

31st January 2020

As Co-Founder at HardSoft, one of the privileges is that you sometimes get invited along to the most interesting events. Earlier this week I went to Apple’s European HQ and heard a very passionate Apple Product Manager, Colleen Niovielli, enthuse about the Apple XDR Display.  She appeared at WWDC last June and announced the Apple XDR […]

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