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7 Reasons to Register your Devices into Apple Business Manager

23rd October 2020

What is Apple Business Manager? Apple Business Manager is a free, easy to use web-based tool designed to help a business manage all of their Apple devices, apps, and Apple IDs all from one place. Being able to control device deployment, volume purchase, and distribute content, and manage roles in the organisation, guarantees employees will […]

Apple’s Big Sur OS is Almost Upon Us. Are you Ready?

22nd October 2020

The first major change to macOS for more than 15 years, Big Sur brings some of the biggest changes yet. Designed to run on the new Apple Silicon architecture on all new models of Mac, are you ready to upgrade? There are many new features of the new Big Sur macOS, here are the top […]

Why is my Mac Running Slow 2020?

8th October 2020

There’s nothing more frustrating than your Mac running slowly and preventing you working at the pace you need to. So you’ve checked that it’s not your broadband/WiFi connection, a network issue, or a major issue with your computer, so why is your Mac running slow? You may have resource-heavy apps running in the background, out […]

Apple Business Manager is not an MDM – We Explain Why

28th August 2020

We’re talking about Apple Business Manager and Mobile Device Management (MDM)solutions. How do I sign up for Apple Business Manager? To enrol on Apple Business Manager all you have to do is complete a few details and you’re up and running – you can find a link by simply Googling Apple Business Manager. How do […]

Get Set up for School with Apple’s Schoolwork App

4th August 2020

Lease iPads for your school and use Apple’s Schoolwork app to help you maximise their uses. Apple’s Schoolwork app lets teachers assign tasks and worksheets in educational apps such as Purple Mash, view student’s progress, and collaborate with students, all in real time. These steps will get you set up with Schoolwork so that both […]

Pure-Rental is now cheaper on Selected PCs!

8th June 2020

Our Pure-Rental solution has always been a cost-effective way to get the latest tech, but now, with savings up to 24%, it’s even cheaper on selected tier-one brand PCs! You may want the latest tech for your business but would rather not purchase the equipment and instead prefer to take advantage of reduced payments, this […]

Pure-Rental on Apple Macs just got cheaper

21st May 2020

In partnership with Apple Financial Services, we have now revamped our Pure-Rental solution to make it even better for our Mac and Surface customers, with savings up to 30%. Not all customers want to purchase their equipment and would rather take advantage of reduced payments, and that’s where our Pure-Rental solution comes into it’s own. […]

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