How to Finance a MacBook

12th September 2022
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There are a number of ways to finance a MacBook or MacBook Pros for your business. Whether it’s a small business, a start-up, or a large enterprise, there are numerous acquisition routes to sourcing the hardware for your company.

If you’re considering how to finance a MacBook or collection of Apple devices for your offices, let’s analyse various avenues for achieving this and which could be the most financially suitable.


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The most traditional and obvious method. Interestingly, most businesses automatically opt for traditional buying methods even though they are financially difficult to swallow. Computer hardware is pricey, and MacBooks or MacBook Pros are particularly expensive. The cost is understandable given the high quality of MacBooks and how suited they are to business settings in almost every sector. Macs are physically durable, well updated with high-performing software, thereby delivering years of phenomenal performance, and aesthetically stunning. Macs are also fast, powerful, and great for cybersecurity and business productivity apps. There is a huge collection of Mac models with variations suited for all industries, whether it be finance, creative design, programming, admin, marketing, teaching, or engineering.

m2 chip in the new MacBooks

With the new choice of power levels with M1 and M2 chips, there is also a perfect system for matching a Mac’s power to your individual staff’s requirements.

However, while the cost may be justified in terms of the quality and performance you receive, the expense can still be unpalatable for businesses. This is especially true if you are bulk buying to outfit an entire office covering multiple departments, or even multiple offices across a large business.

The expenditure can really spiral and create a massive dent in any company’s budget, subsequently pushing back other urgent projects and making the situation more financially precarious if there is an expensive emergency that arises.

So, if traditional buying has so many negative financial consequences, what other options are open to businesses looking to finance a laptop?

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Bank Loans

You still buy the hardware outright yourself and own it but the money comes from an approved loan from the bank rather than your own money and you must pay it back.

Funding From Investors

Much like a loan from a bank but more common in start up and scale up structured businesses. However, this funding is normally applied to the whole business and you still have to plan your budget as if you were paying for it yourself.

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Buy On Finance

You can finance your MacBook or MacBook Pro by paying in instalments. You will own the devices at the end of the payments, and it spreads the cost of your purchase into digestible, smaller monthly amounts. However, there is often some interest to pay. 

Buy On 0% Finance

This is the same as buying on finance, however, it usually includes a special offer.

These special offers usually negate the interest rates for a certain period of time, or you do not have to start paying it off straight away. If you 0 finance a MacBook Pro, you will pay for it in instalments and own it at the end. You will likely also not pay interest or not begin paybacks for the first 6 months to a year.

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Leasing is arguably one of the most advantageous methods for sourcing business laptops and MacBooks.

Firstly, it too, like buying on finance, spreads the cost into more manageable amounts. What makes leasing different, and more beneficial to businesses is that there are no accumulating interest rates throughout the lease, at all.

The other major advantages are:

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  1. That there is usually a rich support package to go with your leased hardware, including tech support, the configuration of devices, deployment, installation, management assistance, and complete life cycle assistance.
  2. That there are a variety of lease types to choose from to match the structure to your needs. Hardsoft offers: Pure Rental (a highly affordable, simple lease), FLEXI-Lease (that lets you work towards ownership if you choose and CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL your lease after only two years), and Devices For Teams (includes extensive customisable support, automatic upgrades, and the ability to scale your lease with your growth pattern.)