Get started in four easy steps

Get set up with Phones for Teams in four easy steps

Choose your smartphones, SIM plan, support package, and get everything signed to start your Phones for Teams journey – giving you the flexibility and technical capability to achieve all your business goals.

4 easy steps with phones for teams
1 Select your smartphone's

Select your smartphones

Choose the devices suited to your business from a trusted source. From Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, or Fairphone, we’ve got the latest devices no matter how extreme or basic your needs are.

2 choose a sim plan

Choose a Limitless SIM plan

Limitless is exactly how it sounds. Choose a 12 or 24 month plan with unlimited texts, minutes and data, and also includes EU roaming as standard.

For a little bit extra you can add an international option if needed.

add a level of support

Add the level of support you need

Silver, Gold, and Platinum are our three tiers of support packages designed for all types and sizes of business.

Choose the one which best fits your current situation and upgrade in the future if needed.

All packages include three-year hardware warranty, loan devices, ticket-based help desk, and a minimum of 1-hour SLA, and much more!

ready to be shipped

Get it all finalised and delivered

Once we’ve added all your above choices, and your easy e-sign paperwork is approved (98% of our customers are approved in minutes), we’ll get everything configured and shipped, so you can be up and running in a matter of days.

It really is that simple, so get in touch today to join Phones for Teams!

Even more extra value

We provide several services to make sure you get the maximum value from every one of your devices:

Device trade-ins

Trade in old business smartphones for cash or a new device, or us put the value towards your new lease. We even accept mobiles not leased through HardSoft.


We manage the full device lifecycle of your business mobiles, which includes green recycling to prevent e-waste.

Device reprovisioning

With our Boomerang service, we collect devices needing to be repurposed, wipe the data, and reconfigure them for any future user.