Simplify device deployment and management with all-in-one solutions.

Tailored device deployment and seamless management to optimise productivity and security across your business.

At HardSoft, we understand the importance of hassle-free device deployment and efficient management for your team’s productivity.

With the right support by your side, our comprehensive deployment solutions will ensure that your employees receive devices tailored precisely to their needs, enabling them to start working instantly.

Choose from industry-leading services like Apple Business Manager, Windows Autopilot, or Samsung Knox for seamless device configuration and deployment. Pair it with the right Mobile Device Management solution, such as Shepherd MDM or Microsoft InTune/EMS, and empower your IT department with security and productivity.

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Choose your ideal deployment method

Combine Shepherd with Apple ABM for complete control over your Apple devices. Picture of a sheep with sunglasses and an apple business manager screenshot

Apple Business Manager

Apple offers an exclusive service through authorised resellers like HardSoft. Easily set up devices, access Apple Services, and distribute apps, books, and software in one place!

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Microsoft Autopilot - Configuring and deploying new devices just got a lot easier.

Windows Autopilot

Effortlessly manage IT equipment remotely. Control policies, profiles, and apps conveniently through a user-friendly portal without the need for physical device retrieval from employees.

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Samsung Knox logo

Samsung Knox

The Knox Suite simplifies security, deployment, and management. Focus on business, not IT. Manage devices, updates, and apps from one place, keeping employees productive.

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Now choose your preferred Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool

Shepard MDM graphic with sheep wearing glasses and a hand choosing programs

Shepherd MDM

HardSoft’s scalable Apple MDM solution. Cloud-based and highly productive for setting up and managing devices. Shepherd allows you to take back control over your Apple devices.

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Microsoft Intune

Microsoft InTune/Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Secure and empower your IT department with EMS & InTune. Stay productive and connected on any device, anywhere, with intelligent innovations from Microsoft.

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Jamf Now Plus

Jamf Fundamentals

Save yourself and your business time setting up your Apple devices Jamf Fundamentals is the solution to remotely configure devices in a breeze, ensuring quick and consistent setups.

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The HardSoft difference

Why choose Hardsoft for your device deployment?

Tailored device configuration

We Enrol Mac or Windows devices into your chosen deployment tool and pre-configure them with access to necessary files, apps, servers, and up-to-date security settings.

Convenient device delivery

Bespoke devices are delivered directly to employees, regardless of their location (office or remote).

Efficient and secure setup

We ensure team members receive devices optimised for their needs, enhancing productivity while safeguarding vital business data.

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