Voice technology; 4 reasons why the future looks brighter & louder!

18th June 2018

Voice technology is continuing to change the way we communicate in all aspects of our everyday lives. And, in recent years, an increasing number of high profile brands, including Microsoft and Apple, have recognised the many benefits that come hand in hand with voice technology. In fact, more people than ever before are embracing voice […]

Simulate an attack on your IT network and identify your susceptible staff

9th May 2018

Sophos attacked our network, here’s what we learned: Sophos Phish Threat simulates a real-time virtual phishing attack against your company, this is a brilliant new tool from Sophos that allows you to better understand and secure your network, giving you valuable information pointing out exactly where and how your network might be best exploited by […]

250,000 new recorded Malware instances affecting Mac Users – What can you do to help protect your data?

15th March 2018

Security alerts all around as hackers are beginning to target Mac users like never before. With nearly 250,000 new Malware instances discovered targeting macOS software in the last 3 months. Intego, the only company focusing solely on security for Macs and other Apple products, has brought to light three new and distinct families of ‘RAT’ […]

Free Training offer with Apple Mac's

30th January 2018

Have some free training on us! Need to get into the nitty-gritty of software such as Cinema 4D, Revit or Adobe CS?  If you’re a creative or developer, you’ll know that there are several software packages that you need have under your belt in order to stay ahead of the game. With this in mind […]

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations – NT Resurrected?

16th October 2017

The last time we heard the phrase “Windows for Workstations” was back in the 90s when Windows NT Workstation 4.0 was launched in 1996. In fact, if you asked some of the younger people in your office what Windows NT was, they will probably look at you blankly or think it’s the name of a […]

Why is your Mac running slow and what can you do about it?

2nd September 2017

Does your Apple Mac seem to be running slow?  They can run slowly for no apparent reason but there is usually some cause as to why your Mac is running below par, so if you think your Mac would lose against a blindfolded snail in a race to launch an app, then read on for […]

Make your staff aware….

24th February 2017

When it comes to how to use your IT and behaviour on-line, your staff should know how to conduct themselves- its common sense, isn’t it? Here are some helpful reminders of how you should use your IT……. it’s not just sensible but with Ransomware becoming the number one security issue then these are prudent steps. […]

Swift Playground For Your Classroom

9th September 2016

When Apple released iOS 10, they also released their own coding app, Swift Playgrounds. This was exciting news for schools! Swift Playgrounds allows students to learn to code using Apple’s coding language Swift. What is code? If you’re not familiar with the term ‘code’, in its simplest form, code is the language used to make […]

Fancy a Freebie with your new PC ?

19th May 2016

Fancy a freebie?? Of course you do! This month, as we have been focusing on the troubles our customers are having with malware, we are introducing a new AVG anti-virus protection to our freebies. Join HardSoft and experience our  ‘One Stop Shop’ approach to computer leasing.  We offer a complete package service, revolutionising IT leasing. We supply devices, finance […]

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