Blogs: Software

Find out about the latest software available to you and your business. We look into how technologies such a parallel which allows a Mac user to use windows OS with ease on their MacBook’s or how the latest antiviruses can help you from new and growing threats. Software can create an ease of life into your business, from automated emails, to AI algorithms helping you find which customer engages the most with you. Just like Hardware, software can go out of date so make sure you keep up to date with the latest versions to gain the most out of them!

Boomerang in 3 Simple Steps

2nd February 2024

You might have heard of our Boomerang service, an innovative IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution that takes the hassle out of managing your devices. In this blog, we’ll explore how our Boomerang service works seamlessly to collect, wipe, store, configure, and redeploy devices, making life easier for your tech and HR departments. Step One – […]

Microsoft 365 Copilot: What You Need to Know

22nd January 2024

It’s finally here after months of chatter ! It’s is a new additional feature that promises to revolutionise the way you work with your existing Microsoft 365 applications. It is a generative AI that acts as your virtual assistant, helping you with tasks such as writing, editing, presenting, emailing, and chatting. It integrates seamlessly with […]

Backup & Protect Company Data From Errors & Ex-employees With Squirrel

18th December 2023

Whether it’s server errors, hardware malfunctions, software blips, human error, or a deliberately malicious act from a disgruntled employee, all these incidents can cause crucial data loss for a business. Thankfully, there are solutions to solve these problems. Squirrel cloud data backup system from Hardsoft allows businesses to keep their digital nuts safe and sound. […]

Microsoft Copilot: Integrating AI into 365

15th December 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, but its recent rise in popularity has been unprecedented. With recent advancements in technology, AI has become more accessible and efficient, leading to its integration into various industries, as well as everyday life. One of the most popular AI services is currently ChatGPT, a large language model […]

Protect your Digital Flock with Shepherd MDM

18th August 2023

Shepherd is a specialised Mobile Device Management system for Apple devices. It allows business owners and HR managers to easily protect your ‘flock’ of digital devices. What Is Mobile Device Management? Mobile Device Management systems, or MDMs as they are better known, are software that allows businesses to administrate, control, and secure your mobile IT […]

How Is Google Workspace Different From Enterprise G Suite?

2nd March 2023

What Is Google Workspace? Google Workspace is a collection of business tools designed to facilitate administration, content creation, productivity, and collaboration. It has everything a business requires from documents and spreadsheets to business email and video conferencing software. For those unfamiliar with Google Workspace, its functionality is similar to Microsoft 365 and is one of […]

Return of the Dock – A Guide to Laptop Docking Stations

12th January 2023

What are laptop docking stations? The ongoing rise in laptop docking station popularity is both reasonable and undeniable: in the modern tech climate, professionals can require a multitude of peripherals, and so extra ports are a must. Laptop docking stations offer a more efficient way of connecting multiple peripherals to your laptop, a critical solution […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 versus Surface Pro 9 5G

5th January 2023

Understanding and comparing the new Surface Pro 9 You may have heard some buzz surrounding Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro announcement – and whether you’re excited or underwhelmed, there is no denying that the devices from this release are sparking divisive conversation within the tech industry. Two seemingly very similar laptops The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 […]