We are carbon neutral

We’re always striving to cut our carbon footprint and have been making a lot of progress. We recently been declared a Carbon Neutral site by ClimatePartner, but there’s still lots of work to do!

Our journey to Carbon Neutral

We’ve been reducing our emissions as much as possible and currently produce 64 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is from sources that are difficult to reduce so we offset it as a last resort.

We currently invest in a carbon offset project which brings wind energy to east Brazil.

Read on to learn more about our Carbon Neutral journey, as we look to limit our reliance on carbon offsetting in favour of cutting emissions in real terms at home.

Carbon Neutrality is no easy feat

We wanted to be sure we were doing all we could to reduce our carbon emissions before resorting to offset them. We get our electricity from renewable sources and only use recyclable packaging and consumables. We also incentivise our staff to walk or bike to work.

ClimatePartner established our baseline footprint at just over 64,000kg of CO2e. This is equal to the yearly emissions of 7 people in the UK, or a diesel car driving non-stop 10 times round the world.

The calculations

We worked with ClimatePartner to calculate our carbon footprints, otherwise known as Corporate Carbon Footprints (CCFs). These include the energy we use, the waste we generate, and all commuting and business travel.

Not all of these activities produce just carbon emissions, which is why everything calculated is converted into CO2 equivalents, or CO2e. This standardised unit, with a 10% safety margin, can then easily be used to determine how much we need to invest into offset projects around the world.

Does carbon offsetting work?

Greenhouse gases are evenly distributed throughout the atmosphere so funding proven methods to avoid, reduce or remove carbon emissions in one part of the world can offset the emissions produced by individuals and businesses in another.

Carbon offset projects must meet international standards, such as the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard, and are regularly audited by third-parties. ClimatePartner has over 400 internationally verified carbon offset projects available for businesses to start funding.

Contact us and let us do the CO2e maths for you
measure your IT's C02e output

We use ClimatePartner to offset the carbon from all the devices we supply. 

Click below to learn more about our Carbon Offset Service.

Reducing our carbon emissions further

It’s not possible to be 100% emissions free. So there has to be a certain level of offsetting no matter how green you strive to be.

Our biggest challenge is employee commuting because it accounts for 78% of all our emissions. We therefore need to get more of our people onto public transport and riding their bikes.

We also want to increase our reliance on renewable energy so will be installing solar panels onto the roofs of our offices in 2023.

Lastly, we will expand the ClimatePartner audit boundaries to include our products and logistics, which will highlight even more areas where we can improve.