Microsoft Teams Phone

A powerful product that enhances Microsoft Teams to give businesses of all sizes the communication and collaboration tools they need to succeed.

Teams and Teams Phone? It’s actually not that confusing!

The main difference between Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone is that Teams Phone provides calling capabilities to Microsoft Teams. Without Teams Phone, Microsoft Teams can only be used to make and receive calls to and from other users of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams phone

The Microsoft Teams ecosystem

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that allows users to chat, collaborate, and meet online. It can be greatly enhanced with the following additional products.

microsoft teams phone

Teams Phone

A cloud-based phone system that can be used with Microsoft Teams. It allows users to make and receive calls to and from landlines and mobiles on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

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microsoft teams room

Teams Rooms

A meeting room solution that combines a large screen, a camera, a microphone, and speakers to provide a seamless experience for video conferencing and collaboration.

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microsoft teams handset

Teams Handsets

A range of desk phones that are designed to work with Microsoft Teams. Teams handsets offer a variety of features, such as calling, voicemail, and integration with Microsoft Exchange.

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How does Microsoft Teams Phone work?

Microsoft Teams Phone enhances Microsoft Teams by adding calling capabilities to the platform.

This allows users to make and receive calls to and from landlines, mobile phones, and other users of Microsoft Teams.

Improved communication

Teams Phone makes it easy for users to stay in touch with colleagues, customers, and partners, regardless of their location. Users can make and receive calls from anywhere, on any device.

Reporting features

Teams Phone offers reporting features that can help businesses to track call usage and performance. This information can be used to improve the way that businesses use Teams Phone.

Call control features

Teams Phone offers a variety of call control features, such as hold, transfer, and conference calling. This can help businesses to be more efficient with their communications.

Integration with Microsoft Exchange

Teams Phone integrates with Microsoft Exchange to provide call history and voicemail. This can help businesses to keep track of their communications and to provide better customer service.

microsoft for teams on Mac

Can I use Microsoft Teams if I’m a Mac user?

Microsoft Teams is available as a desktop application for Windows and macOS, as well as mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. This enables users to access Teams from various devices and stay connected on the go.

How will Microsoft Teams benefit my business?

Full Phone Functionality

Easily call from one mobile app to another, and even make and receive calls to and from landlines and mobiles.

More efficient communication

Ability to collaborate more effectively with text, audio and video communication combined.

Keep track of calls

Keep track of your calls and voicemails with call history and transcription.

Device independent

Transfer calls between different devices, enabling connection with anyone, no matter their location or device.

Keep existing comms infrastructure

Keep existing office phone numbers and avoid disruption with a simple setup.

Automated reporting

Automated reporting feature, ideal for those who manage calling solutions.

What hardware can I use with Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone is a versatile communication platform prioritizing mobility. For a hardware-based option, the Yealink MP50 & 54 desktop handsets made for Teams.

Furthermore, the solution accommodates customised conference rooms with array microphones and a 4K UVC84 USB PTZ camera, featuring x12 optical zoom capabilities.

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