Why leasing is better than buying

Why leasing is better than buying outright

Buying computer devices outright isn’t always the best option for your business and cashflow. Explore the advantages of leasing with HardSoft. We offer superior leasing solutions and, with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can trial a device for a month before fully committing. Experience the flexibility and savings of leasing today.

Don’t get tripped up when buying outright, embrace the benefits of leasing.

Lower Initial Costs

Leasing requires lower upfront costs compared to purchasing, preserving cash flow.

vs buying

High initial costs

The upfront cost of purchasing computers can be significant, impacting cash flow.

Regular Upgrades

Our leasing agreements ensure regular upgrades, ensuring access to the latest tech.

vs buying

Technology Obsolescence

You might end up with outdated technology if you do not upgrade frequently.

Support Included

We add expert support as standard, reducing the burden on your IT staff.

vs buying

Maintenance Responsibility

You are responsible for all maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Always Secure

Manage devices remotely and add the latest security software for the ultimate peace of mind.

vs buying

Security Risk

Aging tech can become more susceptible to security vulnerabilities.

4 easy steps to leasing

Try with confidence – 30-day guarantee.

If the device you’ve chosen or the leasing solution isn’t your cup of tea, we’ll arrange a collection and cancel your lease there and then, ensuring all data is erased.

It’s the most stress-free way to confirm which device on a leasing subscription is for you, or return within 30 days.

a choice of devices from HardSoft. image shows selection of devices from apple, samsung, microsoft, lenovo and more
we are ISO accredited, FCA, GBC approved with over 35 years of experience

We’ll be your trusted partner

So why trust us to deliver the best leasing experience on the market?

We have a track record on providing bespoke leasing solutions to businesses going back 40 years, meaning we’re highly experienced and have built relationships with all the top brands, in order to offer our customers unlimited choice.

We’re an Apple Authorised Reseller, Dell Gold Partner, and a Microsoft Surface Silver Partner. We are ISO 27001 and are proud members of the Finance and Leasing Association.

Leasing offers more than cost-benefits

Enjoy the benefits of expert support, pre-deployment, loan devices, three-year warranty, and flexible terms on certain devices.

Expert Support

We’re experts in all the major manufacturers and operating systems. So whatever devices you choose, we’re here to support them for the entire leasing period.

Flexible Terms

Most leasing terms are for three years, but we can offer 18 months for Apple devices, or even five years for the most affordable option. Check out our leasing solutions here.

Additional Services

Take advantage of our other IT services such as MDM, SafeGuard Protection, Carbon Offsetting, Device Lifecycle Management, and much more! Check them all out here.

Max Term LengthOptions to Change DeviceAdd Devices at AnytimeCancel ContractOwnership OptionLowest Cost Per Month
3 Years cancel check_circle cancel check_circle
5 Years cancel check_circle radio_button_checked
Option to add 3-year break clause
3 Yearscheck_circle
At 18 months*
check_circle check_circle
At 18 months*
£1 at Expiry
3 Years check_circle After 1 Year**check_circle check_circle
After 1 Year**
*For majority Mac users only. Customers on PC / Windows devices can Change or Cancel at 24 months. **On Devices for Teams Premium