Why choose HardSoft?

Bespoke IT leasing solutions for businesses, from a reliable, experienced, and flexible provider.

Specialists in bespoke technology solutions since 1983.

We provide our customers with a One-Stop solution for their IT needs. We offer expert advice on technology, financing, as well as Hardware, Software, and provide IT infrastructure to secure lasting and optimised IT solutions that are kept up to date and maintained in your business.

We have connections and relationships with customers and partners such as Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, and Dell for over 40 years– making us the #1 Computer Leasing Company in the UK.

What makes us different to other leasing companies?

Flexi with HardSoft

Change, Continue, Cancel

With our Flexi computer leasing solution, you have the freedom to choose from three options – CHANGE, CONTINUE, or CANCEL when the agreement reaches the 2-year mark. This solution is tailored to provide you with absolute authority over your future requirements.


SafeGuard Protection cover

Cover your devices against theft, loss and damage with our competitively-priced SafeGuard Protection cover. Keep functioning with a loan device while our highly trained technical team get things repaired, or enjoy a brand new replacement if a repair isn’t an option.



Our device redistribution service allows you to reprovision devices when staff come and go with our Boomerang service. We’ll collect a device from anywhere in the UK, wipe it clean and configure it for the next user. When you’re ready, we’ll ship it where it needs to be. No more worrying about packaging, shipping costs, or storage!

ISO 27001

ISO 270001

This internationally recognised standard ensures effective and secure management and protection of sensitive information. It reduces the risk of data breaches, giving your business partners confidence in your choice of IT provider.

phones for teams

Phones for Teams

Get the latest business mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and more, along with flexible 12- and 24-month SIM plans, expert support and configuration, all from a single source.

sim plans limitless

Limitless SIM plans

Get a SIM plan for any business-grade smartphone, whether iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel, Our Limitless SIMs come with EU roaming as standard, with optional packages for additional roaming beyond the EU. We understand the importance of flexibility in contract lengths, which is why we offer tailored options for growth and change, with no 3-year lock-in and the ability to break the contract if needed.

start ups

We help all businesses – from Startups to Scaleups.

HardSoft tailors solutions for Startups and Scaleups to help your business grow. With low upfront costs, full warranty, and full access to the latest Apple and Windows devices. Pay for high-end, expensive devices so that your employees can work productively without high upfront costs for them.

authorised reseller

Apple & Microsoft Surface Authorised

HardSoft has authorised partnerships with Apple, Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and many more. For 40 years, these relationships have made HardSoft the number one Computer Leasing Company in the UK. We build relationships and connections at all levels with our customers, staff, and suppliers so we can give the very best customer service as well as get the latest tech for our customers.


5 Star Reviews

We are the highest-rated IT leasing specialists in the UK according to Trustpilot. Our team are on hand to provide you with the perfect leasing solution for your hardware and your company’s specific needs. All of our teams ensure you have the best IT equipment and technical support available to your business.

trade in

Trade in your old Apple & Windows devices

Trade-in your old devices and get a discount off of your new lease or a cash value for them! There’s never been a better time to upgrade your IT as you can now part-exchange for brand new hardware. Whether you have an Apple or Windows device, we can give you an instant value on them. We also can recycle your old devices, whether it’s working or not! We are committed to doing what we can to help our planet.


Our own financing with HardSoft Leasing Limited

We now provide bespoke financing for our customers. Since we created HardSoft Leasing Ltd, we now have over 500 customers. This is our One-Stop solution meaning all of your direct debit payments, paperwork, and delivery of hardware is all handled by us. This makes it easier so you have only one point of contact for all your needs.



We configure, deliver, and support all your devices! We understand setting up your devices can take time. Here at HardSoft, we can ensure that your devices are configured before you receive them to meet your needs! We also include deployment and remote diagnostics so that your team, whether they are in the office or working from home, are set up and ready to go as soon as they receive their device. We can offer Apple Business Manager, Microsoft Autopilot, and Samsung Knox.

40 years

The biggest HardSoft Difference is our Co-Founders

HardSoft started back in 1983 with brothers and Co-Founders, Philip and Andrew Morgan custom building PCs for the customers of their mail-order games business – having created the Dragon 32 computer game ‘Movie Producer’ in 1983. Phil and Andrew had a chance to meet with a local car leasing company and decided that leasing was the way forward for computers. More than 40 years later, and with more than 5,000 customers, many having been with us from the beginning as they started out, we must be doing something right!

With 40 years of experience. HardSoft provides every customer with exceptional One-Stop Computer Leasing. A completely unique approach that combines Financial & Tech expertise to identify & deploy the perfect leasing solution for our customers.

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