Your options at the end of your contract

End your lease on your own terms

Discover what happens once your lease term concludes, tailored to your specific solution: Flexi, Pure, or Devices for Teams. Each option offers distinct end-of-lease choices, ensuring the right fit for your needs.

To explore your available choices, refer to the image below. If you’re uncertain about your business’s leasing solution and would like to have a conversation with us, simply fill out the form. Our team will promptly reach out to discuss the best course of action.

Pure, Flexi and devices for teams lifestyle imagery

Pure and Devices for Teams customers often have more questions as we do require the equipment to be returned promptly and in an acceptable condition. Have a look at our detailed PDF Guide.

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    Flexi customer? Choose between these four options at the expiry of your lease:

    Continue with Warranty & Support on your current equipment
    For 50% of your current monthly investment, we will provide ongoing extended cover, inclusive of parts & labour, telephone help.

    Get a New Device and get a free Amazon Voucher
    We have new solutions for Mac’s and PC. You will receive this option via email when your contract expires.

    Sell the Device to Us
    Apple Macs & PCs hold high value and a three-year-old MacBook is often worth £500 plus. Ask us for a quick quote and we can either give you the Cash or take this as a Trade-In.

    Retain the equipment for a nominal sum
    We are now offering you the option to purchase ownership then you can do whatever you fancy with your device.    

    You can of course mix some options… You can do;  1 and 2 and 4,  for instance, or a great mix is 2 and 3.