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What is Android zero-touch?

22nd June 2022

Androids are developed by Google and well known Android manufacturers are Samsung, Motorola, Acer, Sony, LG and HTC.    The zero-touch enrollment enables businesses to give out corporate-owned devices in masses without manually setting up each device. It creates a seamless deployment method for business owned devices to be deployed on a large-scale quickly and […]

Why Is Pure-Rental A Great Choice For Hardware Sourcing In Today’s Market?

31st May 2022

For businesses who are seeking computer hardware for their staff, there are several options available. Companies might choose to either Buy, Lease, or Rent their devices. A rental lease, like Hardsoft’s Pure-Rental is particularly appealing for many businesses during the current market conditions. A large amount of economic fluctuation over the past few years has […]

Apple Business Manager: How to remove a device

20th May 2021

For businesses that use multiple Apple devices, Apple Business Manager can be hugely beneficial for management and collaborative purposes. This cloud portal style system provides management with a clear view of all their devices, with the ability to scale up or down when needed. You will also benefit from increased security and control over your […]

Apple Business Manager: How to distribute apps

7th May 2021

With Apple Business Manager, you’re able to distribute apps outside of the public app store to company-owned Apple devices. This is great for those who want to deploy custom apps that have specific functions and a tailored look for their business. Through using Apple Business Manager, you can privately and securely distribute apps that are […]

Creating an Apple Business Manager Account

16th February 2021

If you’re a business who could benefit from more efficient deployment and management of your staff’s Apple hardware, then you have likely considered joining or upgrading to Apple Business Manager. Apple Business Manager helps businesses of various sizes seamlessly order and post new Apple devices to workers, including remote staff. The portal also allows mass […]

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