Pure – affordable device solutions

A no-nonsense, three- or five-year lease that’s up to 30% more affordable than Flexi.

Our simple, no-frills leasing solution

For businesses which prioritise affordability over flexibility. Pure is a hassle-free solution which allows you to spread the cost of high-end devices.

Once that three years is up, we collect your devices and you can start it all over again. If you want to own the device then it’s available for a Fair Market Value.

Our Pure lease solution is only available to businesses trading over two years.

The Pure difference

Learn more about the affordability of Pure.

Term lengthOptions to change deviceCancel contractOwnership optionWarranty & supportDevice pre-configurationInsurance against loss/theftTech response time
3 or 5 years cancel N/AOptional radio_button_checked 3 or 5 years check_circleOptional radio_button_checked Optional radio_button_checked 60 mins timer
Term lengthOptions to change device
3 or 5 yearscancel
Cancel contractOwnership option
N/AOptional radio_button_checked
Warranty & supportDevice pre-configuration
3 or 5 years check_circleOptional radio_button_checked
Insurance against loss/theftTech response time
Optional radio_button_checked60 mins timer

No-fuss rental

Return your devices after three years. We’ll collect everything for free.

Ownership still possible

If you decide you want to own the equipment, this is possible at a fair market value.

30% more affordable

The cost of devices on our Pure solution can be up to 30% cheaper than with Flexi.

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Who needs Pure?

Designed for cost-conscious established businesses who value affordability over flexibility.

If you’re happy to commit to a fixed lease term of three years (or five years with PureFive), with limited ability to switch devices or own at the end, then Pure is our most suitable leasing solution for you.

What is PureFive

PureFive lets you spread the cost of high-end devices over a five year term. With the option to return or purchase the devices for fair market value at the end.

Prioritise affordability over flexibility, and save up to 30% more over our Flexi solution.

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Our leasing solutions compared

Learn more about Flexi and Devices for Teams.

Max Term LengthOptions to Change DeviceAdd Devices at AnytimeCancel ContractOwnership OptionLowest Cost Per Month
3 Years cancel check_circle cancel check_circle
5 Years cancel check_circle radio_button_checked
Option to add 3-year break clause
3 Yearscheck_circle
At 18 months*
check_circle check_circle
At 18 months*
£1 at Expiry
3 Years check_circle After 1 Year**check_circle check_circle
After 1 Year**
*For majority Mac users only. Customers on PC / Windows devices can Change or Cancel at 24 months. **On Devices for Teams Premium
Flexi and Pure leasing solutions - flex for maximum benefits. Pure for minimum expense
flexi - max benefits and pure - min benefits

The HardSoft difference

Find out why HardSoft is the UK’s number one business leasing provider.

A single source

We handle the financing, supply, support, and security of all your business devices, all on a single payment plan. We also have our own finance company, so we can bypass the mystery credit brokers and approve up to 98% of all applications.

Choice of support plans

Pick Silver, Gold, or Platinum for your business requirements, with Apple Consultants Network specialists at your service. Be rest-assured that your sensitive data will be handled appropriately and securely as we are ISO 27001 compliant.

40 years experience

We’ve got over four decades of expertise in leasing services for small and growing businesses, and have grown to become the highest rated business IT leasing company in the UK, with hundreds of five-star reviews.

Trusted by hundreds of businesses

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There are no options to return or cancel during the three year lease. It is a hassle-free solution where you simply return your hardware after the three year agreement.

You can save up to 30% with Pure on selected devices.

Yes you can, however, the new equipment will end after 3 years so this will be after your original lease.

All of our leasing solutions include warranty, technical support and a loan device if your device needs repairing.

Yes, we will require the devices back at the end of your lease. We will arrange this with you so we can collect them for you. If you wish to keep the devices, you can do so at the market value of the devices.

No, but if you choose our Flexi solution, you can change your devices after 2 years.