Supplying your business smartphones

Why should you choose Phones for Teams for your business mobiles?

Phones For Teams gives you everything you need, all under one roof. It is a leasing solution that gives your business access to enterprise-grade smartphones from top manufacturers while providing extremely flexible terms and expert support.

Phones for Teams gives you computer equipment, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and SIM contracts from an all-inclusive solution.

phones for businesses
iphone phones with phones for teams


iPhone blends style with unrivalled user experience and super-fast performance. Perfect for any business.

Samsung phones with phones for teams


Security and device management, paired with rugged hardware make Galaxy phones a great choice for business.

google pixel phones


Google Pixel phones offer cutting-edge technology, intelligent features, for seamless integration with Google services and applications

Fairphone phones with phones for teams


Your sustainable credentials will be boosted the most eco-friendly and sustainable phone on the market.

samsung and fairphone

Mix and match business smartphones

Unlike other mobile leasing companies, Phones For Teams allows you to mix and match different types of smartphones to suit the needs of your various departments.

Whether you need the Samsung Galaxy S22 Enterprise Edition for some employees and eco-friendly Fairphone 4s for others, or a combination of Android phones and iPhones, we’ve got you covered.

Maximum convenience

Phones For Teams offers unlocked devices that can be used with any SIM card, giving you the flexibility to switch carriers or use multiple SIM cards with the same device.

Other phone companies may only provide locked devices that can only be used on specific networks, or require special permissions to unlock the device.

With Phones For Teams, you can easily repurpose phones between employees or switch without fear – we’ll transfer all data, emails, and photos to the new phones and SIM cards.

Options also include Mobile Device Management services such as Shepherd MDM for Apple devices as well as Jamf Pro.

we are ISO accredited, FCA, GBC approved with over 35 years of experience

A trustworthy supply chain

Phones For Teams is a trusted all-in-one business mobile leasing solution that is accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority, the Good Business Charter, and ISO 27001 certified.

We are also part of the Apple Consultants Network and our reviews on Trustpilot far exceed other top phone networks.

With decades of experience as registered partners of top manufacturers and a wide range of clients in various industries, we have the expertise to design efficient leasing solutions for businesses.

Our flexible device leases can adapt to your company’s changing needs and offer a non-faff lease, streamlined DaaS subscription setup, and efficient shipping and setup.

Devices and deployment FAQs

Yes, all smartphones supplied are unlocked and can be used with different networks.

You can get your Sim card through HardSoft and use it in combination with any phone. This is providing that your device is not locked to a specific network. If it is locked, it can be unlocked by speaking to your current network.