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GDPR simplified

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We’re now less than a year away from General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force. This is a new regulation which will harmonise data protection laws for consumers in the EU. And it will apply to all businesses that collect personal data from their customers.

The UK Information Commissioner has warned that some small businesses might still be unaware that a new regime is looming. Back in February, a Direct Marketing Association survey found that only 26% of companies believed their business are unprepared for the GDPR regulation. However, there were only two-thirds who thought they would be fully compliant by 25th May 2018. read more


We Buy Any

With Hardsoft you can trade in your Mac against a newly leased Mac and get money off the weekly payments. We accept all Apple Macs from 2007 onwards, just send them in to our head office, or drop them off at our Shoreditch Office near Old Street roundabout. Prices can vary between Mac’s depending on a few factors such as the specification of the Mac, such as: HDD size, RAM, Processor, Size of Screen. We cannot, of course, accept Macs that are broken or badly damaged.

When you trade in your Mac you have a few options in terms of what you can trade it in against. As we predominantly lease Macs we can offer you a discount on the price per week of leasing a brand new Apple Mac for your business read more


An accountant explains why computer leasing makes financial sense

At Hardsoft, we have more accountancy firms among our clients than any other type of business. When it comes to the financially-savvy, accountants are a class apart, so who better than an accountant to provide an expert opinion on leasing computer equipment?

In order to shed light on what can be a potentially confusing area, we’ve spoken to chartered accountant Tony Crisp, a partner at Harlow-based accountancy firm Giess Wallis Crisptony crisp gwc LLP. With over 40 years’ experience advising small and medium-sized businesses, GWC cover the full range of general practitioner services including accounts, audits, taxation, book-keeping and payroll for corporate clients, sole traders and partnerships. read more


Vaping Macs

Over the past 18 months Hardsoft have supplied e-liquid subscription service Shoreditch with a full complement of Apple Mac’s for their office. Established in 2015, Shoreditch have grown fast and their team has doubled in size, resulting in their computer hardware needs becoming integral to their continued growth. Hardsoft (who also have an office in Shoreditch) has supplied Shoreditch with the latest Apple Mac hardware along with the added benefit of being able to upgrade after 2 years or own the hardware after 3 years. read more