Small Business Finance

Tune into our Small Business Finance Blogs and Videos where we share the benefits of using HardSoft and how SMEs can benefit from leasing. it brings good cash flow and looks great on balance sheets. Hardware is an expensive outright purchase nowadays especially for a team. so why not leave some cash in the bank and go for one of our leasing solutions.

Tax Benefits Of Leasing Computer Equipment

30th August 2021

Originally published 1st March 2012, updated 30th August 2021 Thanks to changes in financial law application over the last few years, leasing business equipment is great for tax breaks. While financial and tax law continually shifts, it has become increasingly favourable for leasing business equipment over the last several years. Tax Benefits Of Leasing Leasing […]

Ultimate Guide to IT Leasing

5th July 2021

One of the most financially challenging aspects for any business is the initial purchase of new equipment. For many, the option to invest outright in expensive equipment simply isn’t a viable option, particularly for smaller businesses or start-ups. Not only is buying equipment pricey – maintenance and upgrades can leave a significant dint in your […]

What is a Scaleup business?

25th June 2021

Startups vs scaleups The term scaleup is becoming more and more common in the business world and is one that is synonymous with startups. The key difference between the two is a simple one. Startups work in an environment of innovation and experimentation, with the primary aim being to get their business off the ground. […]

What is a Startup Business

22nd June 2021

The term “startup” is one you will almost certainly be familiar with, but what does it mean? A startup is someone’s passion, focusing on an idea, and finding a way to achieve their goals in the market. In the first steps of the new business, the startup entrepreneur will have a vision of a product […]

Budgeting for IT and What You Should Be Investing in for 2021

17th January 2021

We don’t feel the need to point out that 2020 was shaky for every business owner. It provided technology manufacturers and business owners with immense challenges. Whether it was about providing computers remotely to your employees so videoconferencing could be a thing, or creating online portals, 2020 has kept all of us busy. But now […]

How Digital Tools Are Making Things Easier For Startups

17th December 2020

The concept of the scrappy startup fighting to succeed with limited resources has been around since time immemorial. Figuring out how to demonstrate value, attract investment, make smart hiring choices… It’s all part of starting your first business. That said, despite the sheer scope of the internet, it’s currently harder in some key ways for […]

How Factoring your outstanding Invoices solves cash flow.

8th April 2020

Keep cash flowing and save yourself the stress of unpaid invoices with Factoring During the Covid-19 lockdown it’s more important than ever before for you to keep your cash-flow intact and your invoices being paid. The UK government has announced a raft of loans, grants, tax relief and support to help businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic. But […]

Home Truths: How to Keep Motivated When You Work From Home

18th March 2020

As businesses and employees face the threat of Covid-19, more people are facing the prospect of working from home. With a cumulative sum of Coronavirus cases quickly approaching 1,400, working from home is becoming more of a reality.  While many employees would jump at the idea of working from home, it isn’t ideal for everyone. It takes […]

Brexit: as we Head for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit what our customers need to know.

15th August 2019

Please read… We may have experienced a period of hiatus while Parliament attempted negotiations with the EU and now a new government taking shape, it would seem that we’re heading for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit and all advice is to make preparations. Pricing of products should not increase as Computer items are not subject to […]

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