Small Business Finance

Tune into our Small Business Finance Blogs and Videos where we share the benefits of using HardSoft and how SMEs can benefit from leasing. it brings good cash flow and looks great on balance sheets. Hardware is an expensive outright purchase nowadays especially for a team. so why not leave some cash in the bank and go for one of our leasing solutions.

Leasing Helps SMBs Attract and Retain Talent

21st December 2021

There are many advantages to leasing computer hardware for businesses. One of the most surprising benefits is how leasing solutions can actually help companies attract and retain talent. Finding the right candidates is challenging enough for companies, but once found, a second issue emerges; how to keep that employee loyal. Economic and cultural changes have […]

Small Businesses Skip The IT Department Thanks To Computer Leasing

11th December 2021

IT support can be a huge financial burden for small businesses. Unfortunately, it is absolutely essential to the successful and smooth running of your company. There are very few businesses that can survive today without the use of computer hardware and digital technology. Yet, for small businesses and new businesses, balancing these crucial features and […]

How Flexi-Lease Helps Post Pandemic Business Recovery

9th December 2021

Flexi-Lease is Hardsoft’s most popular leasing package. It is the most successful solution for businesses of various sizes for spreading the cost of their IT hardware while receiving extensive support. Why Is Flexi-Lease So Popular? Our Flexi-Lease as the name would imply, is an incredibly flexible service that puts control in your hands. It can […]

Why More Small Businesses Trust Device Leasing Over Buying

5th December 2021

While purchasing has been the traditional way for businesses to source their IT hardware for many decades, increasingly companies are turning to leasing. Leasing used to be perceived as more expensive overall, which, in the initial years of its growing popularity, discouraged many smaller businesses, despite the numerous benefits. However, as leasing becomes more and […]

Where To Buy Computers For Business?

30th November 2021

When it comes to sourcing business computers, there are a number of options available to your CFOs. However, not all methods offer equal value to your company. Firstly, it is important to know that there is a range of places that you can buy computers for both end consumers and also business class models. In […]

How Can Leasing Simplify Computer Hardware For SMBs?

29th November 2021

Acquiring IT devices is often a headache for small businesses. Some of the challenges include: Cost Setup Installation Security Maintenance Repair Choosing The Right Devices Adapting Cost is usually the most apparent and concerning for SMBs with limited budgets. However, as we can see from the list above there are several stumbling blocks regarding IT […]

How Computer Leasing Helps Small Businesses Grow

20th November 2021

Making the right financial choices for your small business can be really challenging, especially in uncertain economic times. Market-impacting global incidents like the pandemic only make matters more complex. Not only does this affect the economy, but also the day to day purchasing behaviour of your target audiences, and how daily business operations can work. […]

The Small Business Guide To Saving Money

8th November 2021

Small businesses and startups can transform and become highly profitable very quickly if they get their strategy right. However, whether they grow fast, or steadily, and regardless of industry, SMBs face some big challenges. In the early days of a business, getting it off the ground and making it profitable can be tricky. Small businesses […]

Ultimate Guide to IT Leasing

5th July 2021

One of the most financially challenging aspects for any business is the initial purchase of new equipment. For many, the option to invest outright in expensive equipment simply isn’t a viable option, particularly for smaller businesses or start-ups. Not only is buying equipment pricey – maintenance and upgrades can leave a significant dint in your […]

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