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Brexit: How will it affect HardSoft, our customers, and Tech Startups?

15th January 2019

We ask our Co-Founder, Andrew Morgan, how he thinks leaving the EU will impact the business and our customers. How are you preparing the business? We are anticipating supply issues. We have agreed with vendors stocking models that will mitigate some aspects of the delays. We have also ensured that HardSoft has increased local configuration facilities in […]

Co-Working Spaces – how do they stack up?

24th September 2018

What is co-working and would it work for you? More and more businesses are moving away from owning their own premises and into the subscription style model of co-working offices. This isn’t a surprise to us, because this model fits with leasing cars, and of course our own business of leasing computers, but does co-working […]

What are our favourite Xerox Printers?

6th September 2018

Printing is something that generally falls ‘under the radar’ in most offices.  You just expect to press print on your computer screen and that the printed paper will arrive on your desk within a matter of seconds. But how do we know which is the best printer for your business? HardSoft offers a wide range of […]

What is The HardSoft Difference?

2nd August 2018

What makes leasing from HardSoft so different from all the other leasing companies out there? We believe that it’s the holistic approach we take to our business, we care about our customers and the experience they have with us so we do our best to make sure that experience is a beneficial and helpful as […]

HardSoft Leasing Loves Startup Businesses

23rd July 2018

For as long as we’ve been trading, we’ve worked alongside startup businesses. In the current economic climate, it’s increasingly unusual but we actively encourage and support new and startup businesses. We do this by offering the same terms and conditions as established businesses, whether you started trading yesterday or ten years ago, or are a sole trader […]

Superheroes? No, Just HardSoft's Tech Team!

14th June 2018

Here to Save the Day Our technical support team are like Marvel’s Avengers. They’re a super-skilled, highly trained, slightly geeky and dysfunctional group of tech superheroes, who we call on whenever our customers are in trouble and need a helping hand. But don’t worry, they all wear their pants on the inside! When you lease […]

Just How Flexible is Computer Leasing?

11th June 2018

As Easy as Change, Continue, or Cancel. We’re often asked about the flexibility of leasing, and potential customers are often under the impression that leasing is inflexible and they will be tied into long contracts whilst their equipment becomes obsolete and old. We always tell them that leasing IT equipment is as simple as getting your […]

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