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Why Businesses Should Consider A Samsung Office

12th October 2021

Samsung is renowned for making some of the best and most trusted electronics on the market, from TVs to cooking equipment. Now the people who make the components for all your appliances are getting back into the world of computing with a bang. Samsung have been making the components for other manufacturers’ computer equipment for […]

Tax Benefits Of Leasing Computer Equipment

30th August 2021

Originally published 1st March 2012, updated 30th August 2021 Thanks to changes in financial law application over the last few years, leasing business equipment is great for tax breaks. While financial and tax law continually shifts, it has become increasingly favourable for leasing business equipment over the last several years. Tax Benefits Of Leasing Leasing […]

Why Microsoft Surface Is One of the Best Tablets For Work

12th March 2021

The working world has changed rapidly over the last few years thanks in part to advancing tech, but also the working style demands of the pandemic. The requirement for more flexible business devices has made Microsoft Surface tablets some of the most desirable on the market.   The Microsoft Surface range covers a wide selection […]

Microsoft Surface and Zero-Touch deployment with Autopilot

10th March 2021

Deploying computers across your business used to be a pretty straightforward process for IT teams, with standardized hardware and software fostering a one-size-fits-all approach to equipping the workforce. Today’s WFH workplace has turned endpoint device deployment into a complex, arduous process. The increasingly mobile workforce now uses a variety of company- or employee-owned devices. The […]

The Difference Between Microsoft Surface Books, Pro, Go & Surface Laptops

7th March 2021

The Microsoft Surface family is a large one. There is an entourage of versatile, flexible, and high performing devices for every situation. Microsoft Surface products come in both a home-use variety and a business variety, with business models providing additional features. Each of the different Microsoft Surface business devices have specialist attributes and a different […]

Business Benefits of Microsoft Surface Devices

3rd March 2021

Microsoft Surface devices are gaining rapid ground as a presence in business. This range of hardware has continued to increase in popularity thanks to its extreme flexibility. According to the recent Windows Annual Report for 2020, Microsoft Surface sales have increased by 21% in the last quarter. The advantages of their versatility have further caught […]

How to speed up your Windows 10 PC

2nd March 2021

Although Windows 10 is a fast system, over time and with consistent use it can slow down. This can be a result of several factors, including temporary files, hardware issues, compatibility problems and bloatware. However, if you notice your Windows 10 PC is getting slower and is not performing how you would like, there a few simple tweaks you can make.

Cash Back offer Extended on Lenovo ThinkBooks.

29th January 2021

There’s £300 for every Five ThinkBook’s ordered in February… Offer extended into March! (Post updated 1/4/21) THIS OFFER HAS NOW FINISHED ! HardSoft and Lenovo are offering a great incentive up to March 31st 2021 … Free Cash! It’s £300 cashback for an order of 5 Lenovo ThinkBook laptops and if you want to order […]

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