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Simplicity Meets Quality: The Samsung Galaxy Book Range

12th November 2021

Digital technology has advanced at an astonishing rate over the past decade. In terms of both software and hardware capabilities, we’ve seen exceptional strides over the last couple of years alone. With an increased trend in home working and remote working, followed by a temporary necessity for this, it has spurred the development of these […]

How Samsung Is Making Business Devices More Accessible

10th November 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy Book laptops have some spectacular design choices that are making business devices far more accessible. The current Galaxy Book range includes: The standard Galaxy Book The Galaxy Book Pro The Galaxy Book Pro 360 All of these laptops have an important feature that improves accessibility; their weight. With special aluminium and magnesium alloys, […]

Effortless Integration With Samsung Galaxy Book

5th November 2021

The Galaxy Book laptops have been signalling out Samsung as a major player on the computer scene, particularly for premium business devices. There’s a host of technology, engineering and manufacturing know-how that has made these laptops highly sophisticated and given competitors plenty of reasons to be nervous. The Galaxy Book range, especially the Pro models […]

Think Business, Think Quality, Think Samsung Galaxy Books

2nd November 2021

Business owners are faced with many decent options when it comes to premium business laptops to lease for their staff. The devices that will be recommended to you will depend on your sector, budget, leasing solution, and the requirements of your staff, and their roles. There are plenty of fantastic options available from the leading […]

Portability And Power With Galaxy Book Pro 360

29th October 2021

Portability and power are usually the ultimate trade-offs when it comes to finding the perfect business laptop. You’re liable to sacrifice a little of one for the other. Samsung’s Galaxy Book Pro 360, however, presents one of the best balances of these features.   The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is most immediately recognised for its […]

Galaxy Book Vs Galaxy Book Pro And Pro 360

27th October 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy Book range offers big benefits to staff in a variety of industries. Both home workers, office workers and hybrid workers will find the flexibility of these lightweight yet powerful laptops an advantage. Whether it’s design work, technical applications, or corporate tasks, all of these laptops perform outstandingly, even when managing extensive multitasking and […]

Galaxy Book: Technology You Trust Is Coming Back To Computing

21st October 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy Books are the latest craze among premium business laptops. While there are many impressive business laptops on the market today, the Galaxy Books have some stark advantages over competitors. Firstly, the technology in the Galaxy Books laptops has done a phenomenal job in balancing portability, power, and speed. There are a plethora of […]

Discover The Samsung Device Ecosystem

18th October 2021

Samsung Electronics Samsung is one of the foremost electronics manufacturers in the world. Chances are that you’ve bought from Samsung before as they’re one of the most reputable, well known, and trusted creators of electronic devices. There are also many computing devices owned by different brands with Samsung components. Even if you’ve never bought from […]

How To Choose A Microsoft Surface Device

14th October 2021

Microsoft Surface provides many options when it comes to devices. Whatever breadth of roles your staff encompass, you are sure to find devices filling each and every niche perfectly. All the hardware within the Microsoft Surface range offers reliable power, speed, portability, durability, and enhanced connectivity. It is this steadfast quality that makes them such […]

Why Businesses Should Consider A Samsung Office

12th October 2021

Samsung is renowned for making some of the best and most trusted electronics on the market, from TVs to cooking equipment. Now the people who make the components for all your appliances are getting back into the world of computing with a bang. Samsung have been making the components for other manufacturers’ computer equipment for […]

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