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Need help selecting your next Graphics Card?

There are lots of great graphics cards on the market, and some not so great, and sometimes it feel like the odds are stacked against you ever finding the right one but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Especially when you’ve spent thousands of pounds on software and then the software company denies any responsibility as to what spec of PC will work. Often they quote the lowest spec they can which means more people can afford the software.

If you’re a developer, a designer, or a 3D Artist, you will have specialist pieces of software you need for your niche, all of which will need a graphics card that supports your software to the peak of it’s capabilities. It’s all too easy to choose a GPU which you think is going to work, only to find out that it doesn’t and has been a costly mistake. read more


Semi Rugged Vs Rugged Laptops – what’s the difference?

All rugged laptops are built to Military Specifications, which means that regardless of whether it’s semi-rugged or fully rugged you will have a laptop that meets some or all Military Specifications. But what is the difference?

Fully Rugged LaptopsRugged Range

Fully rugged laptops are designed to be able to function in even the harshest and most extreme environments. They can take a real beating and still perform, whether they’re in the desert dust, frozen arctic, or torrential monsoon rains. Each of their components is waterproofed and sealed, preventing moisture, sand, and any other hazardous environmental elements, harming or destroying the computer. read more


Why printer leasing is the way forward

Printer life expectancy: why leasing is the way to go

Kyocera A3 leasing

Kyocera A3 with all the options

For graphic design studios and busy offices that require a stable and reliable printer, the initial outlay required for a heavy-duty machine can be thousands of pounds – and that’s without taking toner and maintenance into account.

But it’s not just the starting capital that businesses should be concerned about. The life of the average printer can vary significantly depending on usage; though it has been said that two years tends to be a common age for printers to break down. Imagine paying thousands of pounds for a printer, only for it to break down after two years. Disaster! read more


News and Views from HardSoft

Lots to talk about this month so bear with us on the ramblings of a group of  mad (sales)man………..

Mac Stuff…….

Microsoft Office for Mac now has support for the MacBook with Touch Bar. Update your software and have a look. It’s amazing.

Be careful on USB-C accessories on the 15” MacBook Pro Touch Bar – not all work and we have had issues on some- even some well reviewed products. Cheap imports could even damage your computer as they don’t have the correct power.  We recommend the OWC Dock which has 13 ports, and the chassis is either Space Grey or Silver. The original OWC didn’t have enough power, the Caldigit fails us on the 4K, and now we have a new OWC. Also got on order in with Bourge for their very smart looking circular 7in1 USB-C solution. USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 displays are still an issue some four months after the launch of a new MacBook. read more