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What Laptop is Best for a Business Analyst?

12th September 2023

Choosing the right laptop is crucial for any role within a company. Not every business laptop is equal or even similar. Some models will be far more suited to the tasks of a particular role or industry. Engaging with experts in computer equipment, such as Hardsoft’s consultants, is a great way to ensure that you […]

When Should I Replace My Business Laptops?

8th September 2023

Knowing when to replace your business laptops is crucial for maintaining productivity, ensuring compatibility, and maximising performance within your company. It is true that your employees might be able to give you a heads-up when their equipment starts to exhibit signs of wear and tear that impedes their productivity. Yet ultimately the responsibility lies either […]

How Much RAM Do I Need for a Business Laptop?

16th August 2023

“How much RAM do I need for business laptops?” This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. This is not surprising since RAM is integral to the speed and performance of your computer hardware. The requirements of devices for business usually outstrip the RAM needs of a personal use device. […]

Using a laptop with a gaming console

4th August 2023

In today’s digital age, many gamers find themselves without access to a TV screen, either due to sharing it with others or simply not owning one. However, there’s a convenient solution: using your laptop as a monitor for your gaming console. In this article, we’ll explore different methods to connect your gaming console to a […]

What Is The Best Laptop For Excel and QuickBooks?

3rd June 2023

Accountancy firms require laptops that can handle the heavy workload of their staff. Accountants must navigate tasks including financial analysis and bookkeeping, which usually require the usage of software such as QuickBooks and Excel. Running financial and accounting programmes often necessitates specific specs and capabilities from your computer hardware. However, with so many options available […]

Carbon Offsetting: What Is Your Business Doing To Reduce Emissions & How Can Hardsoft Help?

15th March 2023

Working with Hardsoft Computers can make carbon offsetting and environmental targets easier for businesses. By opting into our green computing schemes, businesses can ensure that they are making strides towards carbon neutrality and netzero with far less stress and no extra work on your part. Unfortunately, for many businesses, the act of offsetting their carbon […]

How Is Google Workspace Different From Enterprise G Suite?

2nd March 2023

What Is Google Workspace? Google Workspace is a collection of business tools designed to facilitate administration, content creation, productivity, and collaboration. It has everything a business requires from documents and spreadsheets to business email and video conferencing software. For those unfamiliar with Google Workspace, its functionality is similar to Microsoft 365 and is one of […]

Is Google Workspace Perfect For Your Industry?

2nd February 2023

Google Workspace offers some of the best software to aid businesses in their everyday operations. It is a popular choice and has payment tiers of various levels in order to match its services to any type of business, any size business, and any sector. With such a wide array of useful programmes, Google Workspace will […]

Myth Busting Computer Leasing: Is It Really Too Time Consuming?

1st January 2023

There are plenty of outdated myths that are still floating around regarding computer leasing. Negative perceptions persist in the minds of some business owners based mainly on an unfortunate mix of: Sadly, this prevents some companies from taking the leap with computer leasing, which could improve their cashflow by spreading the cost of devices. Modern […]