What Is Computer Equipment Repurposing?

30th November 2022
repurposing your devices with boomerang

Computer equipment repurposing allows businesses to reuse their computer devices in a completely new and revolutionary way.

By repurposing computer hardware, businesses can save time and money, better utilise their resources, and help the environment.

Computer equipment repurposing is a new computer device life-cycle management service by Hardsoft that we have named Boomerang. This is because it is the ideal name for an efficient, no-faff service that allows companies to have their hardware:

  • Collected either from offices or from staff or ex-employees’ homes
  • Completely wiped of data
  • Fully software re-configured and setup ready for the next user
  • Re-deployed back to your next staff member, contractor, or freelancer

Hence, a Boomerang computer device service.

However, this goes so much further and is more comprehensive than simply reprovisioning computer devices. Boomerang is incredibly flexible, both financially and in terms of what you can do with your hardware when you have excess equipment.

repurpose your devices with boomerang at hardsoft

This is a full life-cycle management service for all your hardware, which means it covers everything from temporary storage, long-term storage, fully repurposing (as outlined above) AND environmentally friendly recycling of computer hardware and materials.

How Does Boomerang’s Computer Repurposing & Life-cycle Management Solve Multiple Business Problems?

This service addresses and solves several expensive and wasteful aspects of owning computer hardware for businesses:

  • Owning too many pieces of computer hardware when staff leave or the business changes

  • Owning the wrong type of hardware when roles and business needs shift

  • Not having the right computer equipment to hand when a new project arises

  • Temporarily not needing a piece of kit that you might want in the future

  • Where to store devices that are not required but you might need in the future

  • Getting devices to new staff or contractors and freelancers

  • Recycling computer devices in the most environmentally friendly way

  • The cybersecurity issues that come with recycling equipment or giving hardware from one employee to another.

Too Many Computer Devices? Store, Repurpose Or Recycle Your Hardware

One of the ways in which computer hardware can become a financial and operational burden is when you have excess computer devices.

This can happen very easily since advanced computer hardware, such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, and meeting hub display boards have become a crucial part of running almost any business.

Computers are used for day-to-day admin, marketing, programming, design, manufacturing, ordering, logistics, communication, and practically every aspect you can imagine in virtually every industry. Very few companies could feasibly function without computer hardware.

Yet these electronic devices usually come with a hefty price tag. Whether you buy computer devices, or spread the cost by renting or leasing, there is still the issue of what to do with the equipment if your needs change.

Perhaps a department has been downsized, or certain staff have moved away from the business.

repurpose devices with boomerang at hardsoft

You could recycle the equipment, but what if you require it at a later date for a new hire?

What if you have periodic need of certain laptops for specialist projects, yet not on a day-to-day basis, for example, hardware with high tec video editing capabilities and power.

This brings a big dilemma to businesses of what they should do with computer devices in the interim. Having idle devices is a waste of space, a security risk, a hazard, and waste of energy.

Even if you did decide to recycle, there is the operational burden of ensuring it is done legally and in ways that don’t damage the environment. All of this involves planning and downtime from profit-driven projects.

Repurposing services like Boomerang can solve this issue swiftly and affordably.

With Hardsoft you can store computer equipment cheaply until you next require it.

You can have us collect and fully recycle any redundant hardware using the most environmentally sound methods.

Or, you can have us collect, then fully wipe all data from a device, and re-configure the software for a similar or different role, with all the accounts and apps of the new staff member. It can then be redeployed by Hardsoft to your new employee at the office or at their home. You can, therefore, Boomerang the device back into a useful function in the business, rather than destroying it and buying a new one a short time after.

The best part is that Hardsoft does every step of the repurposing process for you, and it can be ANY computer devices.

Boomerang is the only service of its kind and is extremely flexible. You can use it for computer equipment leased from us or any hardware at all from any third party. You can have it as a part of your Hardsoft lease subscription support, a separate subscription on devices just for repurposing, or even an ad hoc service when you need it.

Cyber Safe Computer Repurposing

The most important part of any quality computer repurposing service is the data wipe. If you are re-using hardware with new employees, or in any capacity at all, or recycling, we can ensure all sensitive company data is thoroughly wiped. 

Reprovisioning & Re-Deploying Computer Equipment Between Staff

By repurposing computers in this way, you save money and be kinder to the environment.

This method of reprovisioning computers is especially useful for equipping contractors, freelancers, and temporary staff with the right computer hardware without waste.

Hardsoft takes the burden out of retrieving and re-configuring equipment between staff.

We give the recipient a date and a one-hour collection window, so they don’t have to wait in all day. Using DPD we will collect the device, and your employee or ex-staff member doesn’t even have to worry about packaging the hardware. The DPD driver will be ready with a specialist box, so they can place the equipment straight into the container.

We then re-configure the software and accounts and send it on to the next staff member.

This updated method and packaging strategy have made our success rates for the efficient retrieval of computer hardware increase considerably. Our success rates are extremely high, even when retrieving from ex-employees who might be inclined to be less cooperative. This is because our new process is so easy and straightforward.

Storing Computer Hardware Safely For When You Need It

If you temporarily don’t require certain hardware, then storage is far more sensible than recycling, destroying, selling, and/or buying new hardware.

However, arranging storage of sensitive items like computer equipment can be expensive and a pain to organise.

With Hardsoft’s Boomerang service, we can also handle all the storage arrangements as part of your subscription.

Green Recycling Of Computer Devices’ E-Waste

repurpose your devices with boomerang

When a computer device has completed its full life cycle and is no longer useful and cannot be repurposed, we can conduct appropriate green recycling.

At a certain point, computer equipment becomes technologically redundant and is no longer suitable for repurposing. At this stage in its life cycle, it is time to dispose.

However, due to the dangerous and toxic components in computers, there are certain regulations concerning the proper recycling of devices so that they do not become e-waste.

The legislation around the green recycling of e-waste is tightening and it can certainly be an extra burden for businesses to worry about. Fortunately, Boomerang is all about taking care of every single step in a piece of hardware’s life cycle.

While we do all we can to extend technology’s utility for a greener world, we can also carefully recycle the components so you can rest assured you have done your bit for the environment and ticked all the legal boxes.