‘Jamf Now’ Alternatives: Welcome to Shepherd MDM

6th June 2023
Blog header showcasing Jamf vs Shepherd MDM

Jamf Now has often been seen as the ‘go-to’ MDM for small businesses using Apple. We have been setting up businesses with Jamf Now for years.

Unfortunately, Jamf is soon to be discontinuing this product, so you should start your journey to find Jamf Now alternatives.

The discontinuation is especially frustrating for smaller business owners as it means that you will automatically be upgraded to Jamf Fundamentals in June 2023. This will increase costs for businesses since Jamf Fundamentals is £2.70 per user per week, compared to Jamf Now’s £2.20.

It is time for small to medium size businesses to shop around for Jamf Now alternatives and ensure that they are getting an MDM that serves their business needs and budget.

This has, understandably, left some smaller businesses wondering what MDMs are available for their Apple products and are applicable to businesses of their size.

Jamf does not seem swift to be creating a replacement for these smaller sized businesses.

Luckily, Hardsoft are offering a new Jamf Now alternative. This unique MDM will meet a significant gap in the market for smaller businesses.

Shepherd is our new MDM that will be perfect for small to medium sized businesses who use Apple Business Manager.

This complementary software will allow companies with Apple products to properly manage their flock of devices from ordering and deployment to employee usage.

What is an MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management. Businesses of every size can heavily benefit from an MDM solution as it allows them to securely register, and remotely manage their arsenal of IT hardware. Managers can control how staff use their devices, what apps they can utilise and wipe stolen devices. It is an excellent tool for ensuring businesses’ cyber security and productivity.

What is Jamf?

Jamf is a software company who have produced an MDM specifically focused on Apple devices. They create several products to meet the needs of different businesses. However, they are now discontinuing certain products including Jamf Now.

What is Jamf Now?

Jamf Now was a cloud-based MDM for Apple devices aimed at the needs and price points of small businesses.

It allowed smaller companies to register their flock of Apple devices and included key features, such as remote configuration, remote management, and device protection.

Jamf Now will no longer be operational from June 2023 and small businesses will be forcibly upgraded to Jamf Fundamentals unless they choose a new more affordable MDM from a different provider.

What is Apple Business Manager?

Apple Business Manager is a fantastic piece of software that allows businesses with Apple hardware to deploy their fleet all from one place. The web-based portal allows you to order, deploy and register your devices in one place and works seamlessly alongside a business’ MDM to manage your Apple hardware.

With ABM, Apple business customers can also purchase apps and deploy content to their collection of Apple equipment. Device Enrolment and the Volume Purchase Programme are integrated into Apple Business Manager for a holistic simple process.

Apple MDMs are the perfect complementary service for Apple Business Manager. Together they allow for the complete management of all devices in terms of both deployment, security, and usage by staff.

What is Shepherd MDM?

Shepherd is the ideal Jamf Now alternative. It is an MDM system for small businesses that use Apple hardware.

It offers a collection of powerful features to allow small businesses to manage their flock of devices quickly, easily, and remotely. Whether it’s security, remote setup, or app and content deployment, the Shepherd MDM has you covered.

It works perfectly as a complementary software to Apple Business Manager customers and is cheaper than Jamf Now yet with more features.

The Benefits of Shepherd MDM for Small Businesses?

Lower Cost Jamf Now Alternative – Cheaper than both Jamf Fundamentals and the now discontinued Jamf Now. Shepherd has been created with smaller business budgets in mind, making it the most affordable option for an Apple MDM. Shepherd will only be £1.95 per user per week.

More Features Than Jamf Now – Despite the lower price point, Shepherd boasts more features than Jamf Now and Jamf Fundamentals.

Easy Migration From Jamf – Existing Hardsoft customers can be migrated to Shepherd for free for a limited time

Perfect For Existing Apple Business Manager Customers – These two softwares work perfectly together as the ultimate deployment and management Apple team.

Highly Scalable – Initially 5 users minimum and then add as many or as few as you like.

Fast Remote Configuration – Don’t waste time setting up devices, Shepherd your new flock and have them ready to go in minutes.

Maintain An Easy Watchful Eye On Your Flock – Review device details easily from one platform and centrally deploy apps.

Leverage The Best Security – Not only can you deploy apps and content to your flock of devices with Shepherd MDM, but you can ensure your company’s security as well. Remotely enforce passcodes, encryption, and even lock or wipe devices.

Enhance Productivity – The Shepherd MDM puts the control in managers’ hands as to which apps can be utilised on all your devices.

Unrivalled Support – Hardsoft is part of the Apple Consultants Network. Our team of engineers are experts in all Apple technology and are always available to lend assistance with your Shepherd MDM. We can get you set up and acclimated to this new MDM and are ready to lend support whenever you need it.

Simple, Rapid Onboarding – Onboard new team members remotely with all the apps and content they require and full security in under 5 minutes.