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Find out the latest products you can lease with Hardsoft for your business, we offer many different solutions for your business from pure-rental, to 3 year flexi-leases. Need more devices for your team? Why not check out device as a service by HardSoft.

How can you efficiently reuse company devices?

30th November 2023

Devices can be expensive – so it’s understandable that you’ll want to get the most use out of your company’s laptops, computers and tablets. In the past, when most work was office-based and there was no real need for devices to leave company premises, reusing and re-distributing company devices was simple. However, with most modern […]

How is SafeGuard Protection different to traditional insurance?

18th November 2023

Sadly, filing an insurance claim often results in paying higher premiums the following year. It might seem unfair. You took the responsible step of getting insurance to protect against any unforeseen circumstances. However, when you use the cover as intended, you end up facing higher rates in the future. It may not make sense to […]

How to Hire for a Hybrid Working Office

19th October 2023

Companies are embracing the hybrid working model to combine the benefits of remote work and in-person collaboration. Implementing a hybrid working office not only offers cost savings, but also enhances employee retention, productivity, and overall satisfaction. We’re going to outline how to use the best methods for hiring your hybrid workforce. But first, why is […]

When Should I Replace My Business Laptops?

8th September 2023

Knowing when to replace your business laptops is crucial for maintaining productivity, ensuring compatibility, and maximising performance within your company. It is true that your employees might be able to give you a heads-up when their equipment starts to exhibit signs of wear and tear that impedes their productivity. Yet ultimately the responsibility lies either […]

How to take a screenshot on Lenovo and HP laptops

31st August 2023

Taking screenshots is a valuable skill that allows us to capture and share information, images, and moments from our laptop screens. Whether you own a Lenovo or an HP laptop, knowing how to take screenshots can greatly enhance your productivity and communication. In this blog article, we will explore various methods to capture screenshots on […]

How Much RAM Do I Need for a Business Laptop?

16th August 2023

“How much RAM do I need for business laptops?” This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. This is not surprising since RAM is integral to the speed and performance of your computer hardware. The requirements of devices for business usually outstrip the RAM needs of a personal use device. […]

Guide: How to Claim Laptops as Business Expenses

8th August 2023

Claiming laptops as business expenses can offer significant financial benefits for businesses. Companies should be claiming equipment such as computer hardware as an expense on their taxes, as you should for the majority of equipment and stationery that go into running the business and are only for business use. For freelancers and smaller or newer […]

Should you Buy an AMD Ryzen or Intel Laptop?

1st August 2023

Should you Buy an AMD Ryzen or Intel Laptop? When it comes to buying a new laptop, one of the key decisions you need to make is choosing between AMD Ryzen and Intel processors. Both AMD and Intel have been competing fiercely in the laptop market, with each offering their own set of advantages and […]