Accidental Damage Protection For Mac / PC Devices Explained

30th March 2021

Our Accidental Damage protection keeps you covered for any accidents that are sudden or unexpected to your devices. Your Apple device is protected with free accidental damage cover; this service is also available for Windows / PC devices for a small extra cost. What does our accidental damage cover? This includes, for example, dropping your […]

Top leased laptops of 2020 with 3:2 screens

24th December 2020

Laptop screens with a 3:2 aspect ratio provide all the benefits of a large working area alongside true portability. These days, many laptops come with an ultrawide and short 16:9 aspect ratio, which is great for entertainment but less suited to work tech. On a taller and squarer 3:2 ratio screen there’s room to multitask, […]

What is HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease ‘Change’ Option, and How Does it Work?

18th December 2020

Change your devices after two years and upgrade to the latest tech with HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease Flexi-Lease is our unique solution which offers our customers 3 options after two years, which is designed to give you full control. When you reach the two-year point of your lease, your account manager will email you to let you know […]

Subscription-Based IT Procurement is OpEx Friendly

30th November 2020

These days, there are certain items we wouldn’t dream of buying outright. Few of us can stretch to buying a car without finance and for many, even upgrading to a new smartphone means spreading the cost with a credit agreement or payment plan. So why should buying IT equipment for your business be any different? […]

Learning Lab Leasing for Schools: Albany Academy – Case Study

27th November 2020

Apple is driving change in schools thanks to its commitment to educational technology. All over the world, schools are phasing out battered and dated textbooks, choosing to equip classrooms with iPads instead. The iPad offers some obvious advantages, as well as some slightly more obscure ones. It’s constantly up to date, offers infinite opportunities for […]

Short Term Hire from HardSoft – get the Tech you Need, when you Need IT

25th November 2020

Do you need short term hire on PCs, Laptops, Macs, iPads and more? It’s Simple with HardSoft Traditionally, HardSoft has always offered 3-year leases to businesses, with a possibility of upgrading after 2 years. However, we know that times are changing and with those changes comes a need for more options for short term hire […]

PreLoved from HardSoft, the Perfect Tech Solution for Startups

16th November 2020

The PreLoved solution from HardSoft was created as a result of us trying to find a more creative way to help startup businesses who don’t yet have a credit score or the capital to spend on tech devices. PreLoved allows startups to access great devices with an 18-month lease on a pay monthly basis. There […]

Animation is More Popular than Ever, but Which are the Best Computers for Animation Software?

11th November 2020

If you’re working in animation you need a machine that’s up to the job. Read on as we take a look at some of the best computers for animation. We know animators have special requirements when choosing a computer. They need speed, amazing graphics, and a lot of storage. Most computers meet at least one of […]

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