HardSoft’s Got Talent… Review a product and earn cash

31st March 2020

Review your device, upload the video and we’ll pay for your content. If you’ve bought or leased a new device in the past 12 months we’d love you to do a video review of your device(s) which we’ll upload onto our YouTube channel. Help us to share with our community all the great products available […]

The Importance of Effectively Managing the ‘Alternative Workforce’

11th March 2020

Alternative workforces are fast becoming the norm, but how can you, as a business, maintain, manage, and satisfy the needs of your talent pool while you juggle the specific IT and infrastructure requirements that an alternative workforce demands? With freelancer numbers doubling from 2000 and 2014, they are the fastest-growing group within the EU workforce. […]

Apple iOS Security and Privacy

5th March 2020

With Apple consistently releasing new and ever-changing technology, advanced security via iOS is a number one priority in ensuring all user data is protected. Apple is able to distinguish personal use from corporate and can safeguard users in ways that were never possible before. Apple products are vital to its consumers, keeping them constantly connected […]

How can you Reduce Capital Expenditure on your IT Equipment?

26th February 2020

IT equipment is essential for most businesses but can also cost a lot and take up a large chunk of your capital expenditure. Purchasing IT equipment for your whole business outright may seem like a necessity, however, there are other options available to balance cash flow and avoid those large one-off payments. Leasing is ideal […]

Benchmarking NVIDIA graphics cards for SOLIDWORKS 2020

17th February 2020

Which graphics card can power SOLIDWORKS 3D? SOLIDWORKS relies heavily on the graphics card for performance, as well as for rendering, analysis and its real view mode. However many users are never too sure which SOLIDWORKS graphics card is best for their needs. This can normally be done by benchmarking hardware, however, it’s never quite […]

What is SOLIDWORKS RX and how do you use it?

5th February 2020

What is SOLIDWORKS RX SOLIDWORKS RX helps you to diagnose and understand how your current hardware and OS environment will impact on the use of SOLIDWORKS, it can also provide recommendations for improvements, as well as help you to capture and communicate technical support issues with a three-step problem capture wizard. The name “SOLIDWORKS RX” […]

My Day with the Apple XDR Display

31st January 2020

As Co-Founder at HardSoft, one of the privileges is that you sometimes get invited along to the most interesting events. Earlier this week I went to Apple’s European HQ and heard a very passionate Apple Product Manager, Colleen Niovielli, enthuse about the Apple XDR Display.  She appeared at WWDC last June and announced the Apple XDR […]

How different will your IT situation look with DaaS?

27th January 2020

Device as a Service (DaaS) models are becoming more and more popular. They offer a dynamic and effective way of sourcing the equipment needed for businesses, whilst also offering flexibility, easy upgrades and scalability.   By shifting the IT of your business over to a DaaS model, you can better the day-to-day management of your devices, as well as improving user experience […]

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