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Find out the latest products you can lease with Hardsoft for your business, we offer many different solutions for your business from pure-rental, to 3 year flexi-leases. Need more devices for your team? Why not check out device as a service by HardSoft.

How Will 5G Change The Way We Work

9th February 2022

5G is the latest generation for broadband cellular networks. It has some major improvements over its predecessors, particularly in areas of speed and reliability. Over the last couple of years, accessibility to 5G has increased: More network carriers are providing 5G More devices beyond smartphones, such as laptops and tablets are being built with 5G […]

The Best 5G Laptops

3rd February 2022

With more 5G mast towers being built and more network providers offering it as part of their packages, there has never been a better time to upgrade to 5G. 5G is the next generation of connectivity. It promises: Much faster speeds Low latency Increased Bandwidth Increased Capacity More Reliability   Reports are saying that 5G […]

How Can 5G Make Work Truly Nomadic?

26th January 2022

While 5G is expanding the world of connectivity on smartphones, simultaneously, 5G enabled laptops are transforming PCs forever. Since 5G offers a level of connectivity, reliability and security that can rival Wi-Fi, 5G laptops will result in the computer being a truly mobile device. As computers become more mobile, the way we work can be […]

5G And Your New iPad

19th January 2022

More data, faster speeds, lower latency, and more reliability for your connectivity. That’s the experience that is now possible on iPad. Following on from their iPhones, Apple is enabling 5G on certain iPad models. The feature was first seen on the iPhone 12. Users can now install OS updates over 5G and control their iPads […]

What Are The Benefits of 5G?

7th January 2022

With the advent and increased adoption of 5G, it’s useful for businesses to truly understand the significance of this technology. As expert suppliers of business-grade computer equipment and smartphones, Hardsoft have detailed knowledge of the changes that companies can expect from 5G and how it can shift and assist the way employees work. More smartphones, […]

Unlock New Revenue Streams By Leasing Computer Hardware

24th November 2021

There are several major drawbacks to buying computer hardware rather than leasing. While buying has long been the traditional supply chain model, leasing has risen to become extremely popular due to the inherent flaws with the system of buying devices in modern business. The most prominent issues are: Obsoletion Large outgoing expense at once Non-strategic […]

HardSoft is the UK’s leading computer leasing and Device as a Service solution provider. 

5th October 2021

We’re also an Apple Approved Reseller, and our goal is to offer unique and flexible packages to suit each businesses tech and finance needs.  One of the solutions we offer is Devices for Teams, which is our flexible Device as a Service “DaaS” solution, but we’ll talk more about that shortly.  The iMac 24”, MacBook […]

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