What Is Google Workspace?

7th February 2023
Image of Google Workspace with it's icons on the bottom and people touching an Apple MacBook

Google Workspace is a cloud-based collection of business tools designed to facilitate administration, productivity, collaboration, and organisation in your company.

The different software work in conjunction as a specialised suite of programmes and functionality similar in its business role to Microsoft 365.

With Google Workspace, everything is cloud computing, rather than desktop based. Many businesses are more familiar with desktop app formats for their business tools due to the ubiquitous fashion of Microsoft 365. However, cloud computing versions have many advantages, such as freeing up storage on devices and making staff collaboration easier and more seamless between all the different tools.

Google Workspace is a comprehensive collection of applications that are highly intuitive and affordable for various levels of business.

Google workspace with its icons and some animated people talking at a desk. Business starter, Standard and Plus

Why Should Businesses Embrace Google Workspace?

  • Everything in one place – Rather than having a random assortment of separate softwares for task management, collaboration, communication, and basic content creation, everything is united.

  • Affordable – Google Workspace is noticeably cheaper than competitor programmes.

  • Easy to understand payment tiers – Compared to Microsoft 365, the tiers of pay are very simple: Business Starter, Standard, Plus and Enterprise. The main differences between tiers are storage size and security features.

  • Intuitive interface – Google’s systems like Gmail and Google Drive are so popular because they are very easy to use and have helpful, easy-to-find functionality.

  • Free trials – A company can quickly find out if the apps are right for them before committing.

  • Customisable – Communicate with clients and colleagues with fantastic personalised systems and great automation. Enterprise Google Workspace offers this in a tailored package.

  • Fully cloud-based alternative to other systems – The best productivity apps and collaboration functionality is all in one cloud-based system with tons of flexible features.

  • Ideal for Mac users – A superb alternative to Microsoft 365.

  • Popular with creatives and digital marketers – Powerful, smart but simple and efficient tools from the world’s most popular search engine creators.
Animation of people standing on white icons and one standing on one called Google Workspace

What Applications Are Included In Google Workspace?

  • Google Docs – similar functionality to Microsoft Word.

  • Google Spreadsheets – similar to Excel, although arguably more intuitive and simpler to use.

  • Gmail – One of the easiest to navigate email systems. Intuitive, personalisable, with great tools and features. The Google Workspace version is enhanced with useful business-grade features such as signatures, scheduling, triggers, all sorts of automation, customisation etc.

  • Google Meet – a highly reliable video conferencing system.

Unlike free Google software like standard Gmail and Docs, your business has administrative control over an account. This can cover many employees and control the default settings, app access, security features and more. You can even have different rules and settings for different groups of people depending on seniority or departments.

There is a lot of control yielded to industries that might need to protect sensitive data.

In addition to the above-listed apps there are also:

  • Business Grade Google Calendar
  • Google Drive – private cloud storage for sharing and editing files
  • Google slides – amazing for presentations
  • Google Forms – create custom forms and surveys
  • Google Keep – for collaborative notes
  • Google Sites – collaborative websites

On higher subscription tiers business users can enjoy:

  • Google Groups & Groups For Business – Email lists and access management

  • Cloud Search

  • Vault – Data retention and eDiscovery

  • Jamboard – Collaborative visual board

  • Voice – Virtual phone system

  • Apps Script – Business process automation

  • AppSheet – No-code application development

  • Classroom – Structured learning spaces for teachers and students (most applicable to Google Workspace Education edition.

  • Domains – Domain registration with integrated Google Workspace sign-up and configuration. Google Workspace also has a paired-down Essentials edition for small businesses with domains that do not require the full range of apps and features.
Animated image of an MacBook that says Google Workspace

How Is Google Workspace Different From G Suite?

Google Workspace is actually the evolution of Enterprise G Suite. It is a rebranding and improvement on G Suite with a few extra new features.

What Editions Of Google Workspace Are Available?

Google Workspace is competitively priced and has an easy to comprehend tier system for various business requirements.

  • Business Starter: From £4.14 per user per month – ideal for freelancers, and entrepreneurs running start ups with a small team.

  • Business Standard: From £8.28 per user per month – suitable for medium sized companies.

  • Business Plus: From £13.80 per user per month – perfect for medium to larger companies with more security needs.

  • Enterprise – The most flexible solution with maximum feature access, unlimited users and storage and enhanced security.

There are also Essentials Editions, which are designed for domain owners and have reduced apps.

Google Workspace also offers a specialist edition for Education sectors.

Image of someone typing on an keyboard and Google Workspace written on the bottom