Happy dog besides the LAB logo and the caption "Find out why LAB uses devices for teams by HardSoft"

The Human Behaviour Agency


Lab is an award-winning independent Digital Agency and has been partnered with HardSoft for IT hardware and support since 2014. Lab had recently subscribed to HardSoft’s Devices for Teams Solution that’s finally provided them with the flexibility they needed to scale after a period of exponential growth since their first HardSoft Lease.   


HardSoft’s technical, account management & Sales teams have all played a vital role in helping Lab centralise their UK offices to SOHO, maintain & encourage their business’ focus on flexibility & freedom & transition from desktops to laptops with help from trained,certified engineers both on & off-site.

Lab always has several projects running side by side, so being able to acquire quickly & efficiently the right equipment for these projects with the ability to change or return post-project has given them the solution & tools to be efficient, bold & free with their allocation of IT resources especially now that they have 46 active Apple devices with Devices for Teams. 

HardSoft’s Devices for Teams solution is our unique AppleDaaS solution. An Apple Mac subscription that allows high-growth companies, like Lab, the freedom & flexibility to add, change and return devices whenever and however they need.

The HardSoft Solution

HardSoft’s unique IT & Subscription Solutions enable Lab’s team to provide their always outstanding service to clients. From 2014 to Present-day our relationship ensured lasting 360° support to foster Lab’s exponential growth & ensure their cultural focus on flexibility & freedom carried through to their acquisition of IT hardware & Software. 

Lab offers its clients a full suite of digital services, uniquely mixed with a blend of neuro-marketing, psychology and behavioural economics. Matt Lintott, Operations Director and Pilot @ Lab found HardSoft in 2014 whilst looking for an affordable IT solution which would enable his team to have the right equipment at the right time for projects and the opportunity to grow – it’s now 2019 & he hasn’t looked back!