The enjoys growth throughout pandemic.

Summary was founded by Hugo Tilmouth, and is the brains behind ChargedUp and ServedUp. ChargedUp provides power on demand through its network of portable power banks. While ServedUp offers a fast, friction-free EPoS system for bars, pubs, and restaurants, creating a fast mobile ordering system built around Apple iPhones.

The problem

Due to the pandemic-driven lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, The went from a centralised team in Shoreditch to one where every employee began working from home, in various locations throughout the UK and globally.

This meant that IT equipment used by the company had to now be delivered to the homes of each colleague, rather than their desks.

Additionally, the company’s growth meant they were adding new team members and customers in a matter of days, all of which had to be supplied with various equipment.

Lastly, the ServedUp business needed a solution where they didn’t have to hold stock, requiring that their customers were sent the PoS systems directly.

The HardSoft solution

HardSoft supported through their start-up phase during the pandemic, providing finance and zero-touch deployment solutions to help with the sudden move to WFH. When ServedUp was created, we developed a bespoke, white-label fulfilment offering where we handle the logistics of delivering point of sale touch devices directly to their customers in the hospitality industry. These devices are ready to use right out the box.

HardSoft’s solution was crucial to ServedUp’s success as it has allowed them to acquire and maintain new business in a quick and cost-effective way that would not be possible with other models.

In addition to the logistical side, The is provided with a dedicated account manager to assist them with any questions they have about their leasing plan, and they can also access expert support whenever they need it.


The has been incorporating HardSoft’s Flexi-Lease and Devices for Teams solutions into the very heart of their ChargedUp and ServedUp businesses. The direct-to-customer logistics of the latter is an example of how HardSoft can provide bespoke solutions to fit any business agenda.