ECHO by LloydsPharmacy

Echo by LloydsPharmacy – NHS prescriptions delivered for free


Echo by LloydsPharmacy is a digital pharmacy that allows patients to get their NHS prescriptions delivered for free. As a registered pharmacy, Echo by LloydsPharmacy is part of the NHS family, the same as any pharmacy on the high street.

Echo by LloydsPharmacy recently signed up for HardSoft’s subscription-based tech solution, Devices for Teams. At a time of rapid growth, Echo by LloydsPharmacy needed a flexible way to scale their IT requirement in line with their business goals.


HardSoft are able to offer an all-in-one solution including technical, account management & Sales advice, each playing a vital role in delivering a bespoke technical solution. Motivated to exceed the expectations of the client, the Hardsoft team worked tirelessly towards delivering a flexible solution with freedom of choice.

Echo by LloydsPharmacy were very conscious that their company could look very different just 6 or 12 months in to the future. Having the opportunity to access the right equipment for their current projects combined with the ability to change or return post-project has given Echo an unrivalled level of added resilience to grow further.

HardSoft’s Devices for Teams solution is a unique DaaS solution for Apple users. A subscription-based solution which allows high-growth companies, like Echo, the freedom and flexibility to add, change and return devices however and whenever they need to.

The HardSoft solution

HardSoft’s unique IT & Subscription Solution has enabled the Echo by LloydsPharmacy team to continue providing a vital service to over 350,000 patients during a time when many vulnerable people are relying on them more than ever.

Echo by LloydsPharmacy knew they wanted to move to a leasing solution to offset upfront capital expenditure but did not know too much about what was available to them and how it could positively impact their business. With over 35 years’ experience of tech leasing, Hardsoft was able to guide Echo through the whole process from device selection to suitable financing options and implementation.

By making it easier for people to access and take their medicine, Echo by LloydsPharmacy help reduce pressure on the NHS. In recognition of this, they became a member of the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) in 2019.

The NIA supports high-impact innovations that address the pressing needs of the NHS. And that’s something to be proud of.


Jon Bretman, CTO at Echo by LloydsPharmacy online pharmacy found HardSoft in 2020 whilst exploring the market for a tech solution which would enable his team to have the right equipment at the right time of expansion. With the solution delivered, Echo by LloydsPharmacy can now rely on their tech to grow in tandem with their business.