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Lease finance is available to New Start-Up Businesses

HardSoft can provide from £1000 to £15000 of lease finance to new businesses, which can include both hardware and software. If you are a new business you may be well aware of how difficult it is to establish any credit history and traditional financing methods such as banks are difficult to deal with and often require a ‘Charges’ on your home.

To set up a lease HardSoft will request the owner’s private address and endeavour to establish some credit history through this route. Some recent bank statements (whether for the business or personal) will be required to prove the ability to meet payments, and a Limited Director’s Indemnity may be requested if you have set up a new Limited Company.

The first payment will be equivalent to one month’s payment, which can be paid by credit/debit card. Occasionally we may require the lease to be over 24 months (rather than 36) and a deposit of three months may be needed should the ability to repay be difficult to assess. As long as your company has an Experian Rating then we can help solve your IT Puzzle! Often without the need for a Personal Indemnity. Contact us & start subscribing to your solution, today.

Computer leasing and IT hire from HardSoft

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