What Are The Five Advantages Of Leasing Computer Equipment?

26th August 2021
advantages of leasing

Leasing computer equipment is becoming increasingly popular among businesses compared to buying outright. Leasing your devices offers companies enhanced flexibility and financial benefits compared to buying.

There is, of course, the most obvious, initial reason why businesses consider leasing: spreading the cost of your equipment.

Your CFO is likely to be already aware that avoiding a large lumpsum outgoing expenditure is better for cashflow. By moving away from buying, and instead paying in smaller monthly payments, leasing allows businesses to put more cash into profit driven campaigns.

However, this is just one of the many advantages of leasing computer equipment. There are numerous tactical improvements to be made in your business’s finances and day to day operations by switching to a lease solution.

With Hardsoft’s modern and continually developing leasing solutions, there are now more reasons to lease than ever before. Let’s look at the five biggest advantages of leasing computer equipment with Hardsoft:

1. Tax benefits

tax benefits

When you lease your computer equipment from Hardsoft, you’ll receive more tax relief than if you bought your devices.

HMRC allows 100% of leasing solutions against tax.

Depending on your package, your lease can be a finance lease or operating lease. Most of our packages are operating leases, which provide excellent tax benefits.

By leasing you could gain significant, additional tax relief. Not only that, but our experts at Hardsoft can provide in depth advice to your own financial team. Your full monthly rental of IT equipment will be tax deductible. Read more about the tax benefits of leasing here…

2. Extended Warranty and Support

extended warranty and support

Unlike other leasing providers, and leasing direct from manufacturers, such as Apple, Hardsoft can offer the best extended warranties.

Enjoy a three-year warranty on ALL devices, whether they be Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, or HP. This comes with a complete support wrapper. If there is a fault with your leased computer equipment, we will initiate our ‘no cost’ Collect and Return Service. Our tech team will then repair the device is 5-7 days while providing you with a loaned replacement in the meantime.

All equipment comes with extensive technical support should you need it, or merely want to use your hardware more effectively in your business. This is all inclusive in your warranty at no extra cost.

3. Extended Accidental Damage Support

accidental damage support

On top of your three-year warranty and full support wrapper, Hardsoft can offer an additional extended accidental damage support.

 These days warranties usually only cover faults not accidents if you drop your device. Despite this, Hardsoft are doing exactly that; by adding accidental damage support. For Apple devices this can be added for free.

4. Tailored Flexible Options

One of the biggest advantages of leasing computer equipment is that it isn’t a one size fits all situation.

Hardsoft has an array of leasing solutions to suit every kind of business in every sector at each stage of their development. These leasing packages are flexible and can be tailored to provide the best arrangement for your individual business.

flexi lease, pure rental, devices for teams

Flexi-Lease – As the name suggests, this is Hardsoft’s most flexible package. This leasing option provides many advantages for businesses in shifting situations. It provides a high level of control allowing businesses to easily CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL as need be.

Pure Rental – This solution is the most affordable package that businesses can engage. Rather than work towards ownership during the lease, you simply rent the IT hardware for the period of the lease and then return them. The devices are available at highly discounted rates.   

Devices For Teams – The advantages of this package are many for businesses looking to add scale. If your company is looking to grow quickly and agilely then this solution will serve you well. Devices for Teams is a DaaS solution. DaaS is Devices as a Service. The focus is on customer service. There is extensive support, upgrades to the latest tech built-in, and options to scale the number of devices up or down as required. 

keep up with technology

5. Keep Up With Technology

One of the best advantages of leasing computers versus buying is the ability to keep up with the latest tech. When buying devices, the speed of current technology development creates obsoletion very rapidly. With many leases you can easily upgrade during the duration of the lease.