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Get up a 20% Discount When You Choose to Return Your Devices at the End of the Lease.

We realise that not all business’ need or want the option to purchase their equipment and prioritise affordability over flexibility. Pure-Rental provides a no-nonsense affordable Mac or PC rental – we will deliver you the kit Day One, support you with our Service Wrapper and pick it back up at the end of the 3 years. If you do decide at the term of the lease that you would like to keep the equipment, this is possible but at market rates.

What our Pure Rental solution offers our customers is another way to further spread the cost of expensive hardware redeeming your Flexi-Lease ownership discount upfront because you don’t need to keep hardware at the end of your lease. This is static, hassle-free rental.

Find out How Much You Could Save on Surface & Apple Devices.

Flexi-Lease Pure Rental Saving
15" MacBook Pro Touch-Bar £20.35 £16.30 20%
27" iMac 5K retina with i7 £21.40 £17.12 20%
iPad Pro 12.9" £6.90 £5.52 20%
iMac Pro £42.00 £31.92 20%

We decided due to the widespread success of the Microsoft Surface range, to roll out our Pure Rental lease to the Surface Pro 6, Surface Go &  Surface Book 2! To give our customers the opportunity to make a decision that’s right for them. Save 15% on the entire range!

Flexi-Lease Pure Rental Saving
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 £11.50 £9.78 15%
15" Surface Book 2 with i7 £26.95 £23.32 15%

Our Service & Support Wrapper

When you take out a lease with HardSoft you are entitled 3 years FREE Warranty and we even offer a loan device if you ever need to have repairs on your machine, mitigating the time that you are out of action.

Free Accidental Damage cover across all our iPad & Mac Ranges.

We are Proud to be an Apple Authorised Reseller, all the equipment we supply is brand new. There are no up-front costs from HardSoft included in our leases just your first rental*, we offer Free next day delivery and telephone technical support for all of our lease customers.

*An admin fee will be applied by our Direct Debit collector with the first payment & is normally £50.

Looking for More?

Pure-Rental does not offer the option to CANCEL or CHANGE. If you want the freedom to CHANGE, CONTINUE or CANCEL. Then make sure to review our Flexi-Lease & Devices for Teams Solutions.

If your company requires 30+ devices; Devices for Teams by HardSoft will give your business a Flex Up and Flex Down agility in an all-encompassing IT infrastructure. Tired of admin fees? documentation? & regularly order IT equipment? See if you qualify for Plus+

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Get More From Your Subscription & see if you qualify for Plus+

Tired of admin fees? documentation? & regularly order IT equipment? A quick Experian Credit check could guarantee your business a £20,000 annual credit limit with HardSoft plus a whole suite of other benefits! Find out if you’re eligible & what Plus+ can do for you!

No-Fuss, No Mess & No Hardware responsibilities. Pure Rental really is that simple and also HardSoft’s discounted solution to help further spread the cost of expensive hardware.

Pure rental can save you up to 20% on your lease price! Find out why here.

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