Your options at 18 months*

Our Flexi computer leasing solution offers you the options to REFRESH, CONTINUE or RETURN at the 18 or 24-month mark, depending on the devices you have.

Designed to give you complete control over your future needs, your account manager will be in touch to discuss what you want to do next

Option 1: Refresh

With technology updating at such a rapid pace, you may find that your device is outdated in the three short years that you have leased it.

If that is the case, then you can change it. Your dedicated account manager will contact you after 24 months & explain all of these options to you again. Like a mobile phone renewal, you can get a new device whilst keeping the old.

The initial lease is cancelled, and a new agreement starts upon delivery of your new computer with a new direct debit for the amended value..

This allows our customers to always keep up to date with the latest tech. In most cases, the monthly cost stays the same but can increase a little depending on the specification of the new device.

If you had a quantity of devices from us then you could retain some of the equipment that is fit for your needs whilst just changing some of the unwanted devices.

If you want to get some options today, then let us know. And there’s a FREE BOTTLE OF WINE just for requesting a quote!.

Option 2: Continue

Whatever lease solution you decided upon, you can always change your mind. Flexi is just perfect for that.

The Continue option means you keep paying for the existing equipment and complete your lease as agreed and pay the final third year. Once the contract ends then for just £1 + VAT you gain legal ownership of your equipment.

This is £59 + VAT should you not have any other active direct debits/contracts with us in place.

Option 3: Return

If you choose to return your devices we can cancel the last year of your agreement. All remaining payments are cancelled.

There is some small print on this and we do charge £75 to collect and data erase your Device we can’t cancel agreements for software and those that include a Renewal and Upgrade of a previous agreement.

So you can’t do a ‘Change’ option and then ‘Cancel’ afterwards.

Explore Flexi in more detail by clicking here

*Only customers with a majority of Apple devices on Flexi can Change or Cancel at 18 months. For all other devices, it is 24 months.

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If you’re looking to talk to your Account Manager about your Flexi solution, or if you’re interested in joining our Flexi solution, please contact us on the below contact form.

If you’re looking to Change or Continue your existing lease, please contact us here and get your *Free* bottle of wine!

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