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Discover The Samsung Device Ecosystem

18th October 2021

Samsung Electronics Samsung is one of the foremost electronics manufacturers in the world. Chances are that you’ve bought from Samsung before as they’re one of the most reputable, well known, and trusted creators of electronic devices. There are also many computing devices owned by different brands with Samsung components. Even if you’ve never bought from […]

Seamless Efficiency With Samsung’s Knox Deployment Program

16th October 2021

Samsung’s Knox Deployment Program can make registering your Samsung business devices into company MDMs and EMMs a smooth and efficient process. The Knox Deployment Program is commonly used in conjunction with other Samsung cloud services, including Knox Mobile Enrolment or Knox Configure, to customise devices. Businesses utilising Samsung’s Knox Deployment Program will find it easier […]

How To Choose A Microsoft Surface Device

14th October 2021

Microsoft Surface provides many options when it comes to devices. Whatever breadth of roles your staff encompass, you are sure to find devices filling each and every niche perfectly. All the hardware within the Microsoft Surface range offers reliable power, speed, portability, durability, and enhanced connectivity. It is this steadfast quality that makes them such […]

Why Businesses Should Consider A Samsung Office

12th October 2021

Samsung is renowned for making some of the best and most trusted electronics on the market, from TVs to cooking equipment. Now the people who make the components for all your appliances are getting back into the world of computing with a bang. Samsung have been making the components for other manufacturers’ computer equipment for […]

How Apple M1 Chips Make Macs More Accessible

28th September 2021

There are a host of impressive advantages to buying a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. Benefits of the M1 chip Macs include: High performance Extremely high speeds Excellent efficiency These are the core features that have been turning heads in the industry. It is primarily the extensively increased speeds and […]

Coming Back to the Office with Apple

24th September 2021

Nearly all social distancing restrictions have been lifted in England. This means many staff are returning to the office after months on furlough or from WFH (working from home). With a majority of staff returning to some degree, now is an excellent opportunity for businesses to assess their current setup and how they can help […]

Why the M1 Chip is Triggering A Mass Migration to Macs

21st September 2021

The recent introduction of the M1 chip in Apple products has been causing significant cultural waves. This goes far beyond the tech world, or even the business world. The M1 chips are set to shake up the system for us all in the best possible way. A Review of Apple’s Popularity The popularity of Apple […]

The New Apple M1 Chips Vs Intel Chips

17th September 2021

The launch of the new Apple M1 chip has certainly caused a stir in the world of computer hardware. The success of these chips has not only impressed Apple fans but caused many users to try Apple devices for the first time. The debut of the M1 chips has certainly been positive for Apple, but […]

The Perfect Time To Transition To Apple: macOS Monterey & M1 Chips

10th September 2021

With both the latest macOS update on the horizon and the new Apple M1 chips in circulation, there has never been a better time to transition to Apple. With lockdowns and social distancing restrictions ending, more workers are returning to the office. Safety measures are still a top priority, and many companies are strategizing on […]

How macOS Monterey Enhances Online Communication

7th September 2021

This autumn 2021 will likely see the release of the latest macOS system. While not as expansive as the previous macOS update, entitled BigSur, this latest update has some really exciting features. MacOS Monterey was officially announced in June. A public release date is yet to be confirmed, though there is speculation it could be […]

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