A Guide To Equipping New Employees With The Right Computer Devices

21st June 2023

Having the right computer hardware is essential for any business to operate efficiently and effectively.

When equipping new employees with the right computer devices, there are several factors that employers should consider, such as:

  • The importance of matching computer hardware to employees’ roles
  • Why different staff may require different laptops models
  • The benefits of equipping new staff with the right device immediately when they start at your company
  • Reviewing how well the tech is serving their needs as they grow into their role in the company

How Does Properly Matched Computer Hardware Help Different Employees In Their Roles?

Matching computer hardware to employees’ roles is crucial because different employees require different devices to perform their duties efficiently.

Consider the example of staff who handle design work. They likely require powerful computers with high graphics capabilities.

Yet your administrative staff may require more standard devices with fewer graphically focused features.

There’s also an opportunity for the business to save money thereby not over-equipping the admin staff with the same high-powered and high-graphics laptops as the designers. The admin workers may require more collaborative and task-assigning software and apps.

Matching computer hardware to employees’ roles can, therefore, improve employee productivity and reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes. For instance, if an employee is struggling with slow or outdated hardware, they may take longer to complete their tasks, leading to a decline in productivity.

Why Do Different Staff Potentially Require Different Laptops?

Different staff may require different laptops because of the unique demands of their roles, but also some employees may work in different environments. WFH staff may have different device requirements from in-office workers, or employees who regularly commute, or staff who go off to visit clients on-site regularly. Department and industry can play as big a part in what computer equipment employees needs as their official role does.

It can also come down to the personal needs of a staff member. For instance, some staff may require laptops with larger screens for viewing multiple documents at once, while others may need devices with longer battery life for working remotely. Larger displays will also be an asset for older staff or those with eye problems.

Additionally, some staff may prefer specific operating systems, such as Windows or Apple, depending on their familiarity and comfort with a particular system. Therefore, it is essential to understand the individual needs of each employee and provide them with the right device to maximise their productivity and efficiency, but also comfort.

Why Is Equipping New Staff With The Right Device Straight Away So Important To Business Productivity?

Equipping new staff with the right device immediately is crucial for business productivity for several reasons:

1 – Providing new employees with the right device allows them to start working efficiently from day one, without any delays or downtime.

2 – Providing the right device can boost employee morale, as they feel valued and supported by the company. This can lead to increased job satisfaction and employee retention rates.

3 – Providing the right device immediately can reduce the likelihood of security breaches or data loss. New devices come with updated security features that can protect sensitive company data and prevent cyber-attacks.

Let’s look at some helpful steps that businesses can follow when equipping new employees with computer devices.

Follow These Steps To Equipping New Employees With The Right Computer Devices

1 – Identify the individual needs of each employee based on their role, work style, and preferences.

2 – Having ascertained their needs, liaise with your computer leasing provider for guidance on the best device match to these needs. Your supplier should be able to facilitate PC leasing and Apple leasing.

3 – Your IT leasing provider will order the device and then either install it in your offices or remotely deploy it to your employees’ homes. Providers like Hardsoft can configure the apps, accounts, and software specifically for the individual staff member while the device is already en-route with zero-touch remote deployment programmes like Apple Business Manager, Samsung Knox, and Microsoft Autopilot.

4 – Depending on your chosen lease type, your supplier may be able to provide training on how to use the device and any software or applications.

5 – With the right IT leasing package, your supplier can help with ongoing tech maintenance and security maintenance to ensure the device is cyber secure.

How Can IT Leasing Help Provide The Right Devices For New Employees?

IT leasing can help businesses provide the right devices for new employees by offering a flexible and cost-effective way to acquire computer hardware.

With laptop leasing, businesses can access laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones for a fixed period, typically 2-3 years.

This approach provides several benefits, such as predictable costs, upgrades to the latest technology at the end of the lease period, and assistance with maintenance.

Equipping new employees with the right computer devices straight away is essential for any business to operate at peak productivity. By matching computer hardware to employees’ roles, understanding the individual needs of each employee, and providing the right device immediately, businesses can improve productivity, employee morale, and profits.