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Our Solutions…

And for qualifying HardSoft customers, there’s ‘Plus+…

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Devices for Teams - An Agile, Disruptive Subscription Designed for Business with 20+ Apple Devices
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And for qualifying HardSoft customers, there’s ‘Plus+…

Introducing Plus+ a new tier of Solution available to our customers via Flexi-Lease or Pure-Rental

Discover the benefits of Paying Monthly. There are clear benefits over paying outright.

Fantastic Value: Get all the latest tech for less than the price of a daily coffee. Tax efficient solutions that are great for cash flow.
Awesome Choice: From the latest Apple Macs to PC’s – laptops, desktops, Servers & software- plus storage from Synology and QNAP.
Real Flexibility: You can add more tech as you need it. Some subscription solutions also allow you to return or buy the tech for £1 at the end.
Swift Finance: We have broad access to UK finance markets to secure you the best deal. We approve 98% of applications – and in 24 hours.
Full Support: With 3-year warranties, qualified tech & support teams on call. There’s next day loan Devices if needed. Join over 5,000 happy customers.

HardSoft offer 3 distinct Solutions designed for your business needs…

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Yesterday: Buying computers has always been the traditional way of securing tech for your business – but it’s now outdated. The high upfront cost of computers aligned with superfast development & upgrades results in a frustrated workforce using quickly outdated equipment, crippled cash flow and a cupboard of old computers you can’t even give away!

Today: There is a better way! It’s familiar too. Subscribing to or leasing exactly what you need: Mobile phones, Cars, extra TV Channels or Office space. Now with HardSoft, that’s true for all the latest Apple Macs, Surface laptops or any IT hardware imaginable. Agree on a pay monthly subscription for any of these & do it without a deposit.

Computer leasing and IT hire from HardSoft

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All Devices for All Teams - multiple devices for different teams
Male holding the letter X with text to the right showing tax deductible leasing
FREE Accidental Damage Protection across all Apple Mac & iPad ranges

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