Google Workspace: Apps

Plan, collaborate, create.

Google Workspace gives your team a comprehensive suite of apps to achieve their best work through seamless and simple collaboration.

Please note, apps and supporting hardware are available according to the Google Workspace plan you choose for your business.

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Connect your whole team

Give your teams the tools to stay connected no matter where they are or what they’re doing.


Stop the spam and block the malware with Gmail in your business. The fast, secure, and stable platform gives you the confidence to send and receive emails while syncing with other email providers such as Microsoft Outlook.


Talk business face-to-face with hundreds of participants, without even being in the same country. Google Meet lets you discuss the most important matters in a way that’s secure and engagingly natural.


Need to strike up a conversation or quickly ask a colleague a question? Then Google Chat is the tool for you. Whether you need to chat one-on-one or in a group, you can share your thoughts, your work, and more in one, easy-to-use space.

Plan everything with everyone

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. The planning apps within Google Workspace keeps you on track with your personal workload, while letting you collaborate with your whole team with ease.


Plan deadlines, schedule meetings, organise events, manage tasks, set reminders. Google Calendar keeps your team on track and in the know. You can even create a whole new calendar for a specific project, giving you an easy to see overview of what needs doing and by who.


Create to-do lists or jot down notes and refer to them directly inside Google Docs while collaborating on projects. Keep helps you stay organised and gives you the satisfaction of crosses off tasks on the way to success.


Pick up the battery-free stylus and start expressing your ideas and plans. Your team has never had a more visual and interactive way to collaborate and drive projects forward. Once you’re done with writing, scribbling, circling, and listing, save everything to the cloud.

Create and collaborate in seconds

We’re all familiar with word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software, all reimagined in Google Workspace for the collaborative, cloud-based office.


Pile into a document with your whole team to comment, edit, and review work important to you. Google Docs is the word processing app inside Google Workspace with real-time editing and unlimited revision history – so you can create the final product you envisioned.


Just like Docs was for word processing. Sheets is your spreadsheet creating tool in Workspace. All the formulas and cell-editing capabilities you could ever need (and that’s including pivot tables) are built directly in Sheets.


You’ve guessed it, Slides is the presentation app and completes the holy trinity of creation apps in Google Workspace. Start from a template or create professional presentations for seminars, conferences, and anything in between.

Save it, find it, share it

In Google Workspace, everything is forever. Your docs, emails, notes, meetings, and more are all stored within Google Drive, where you can keep them personal to you or share with your team and the wider world.


Drive is your cloud storage and keeps everything you create and publish. Your storage space is determined by your plan, starting at 30 GB per user, rising to 5 TB. Organise folders and create access rules to manage what people can and can’t see.


Build a noticeboard in the cloud where you can pin up the latest company news and events, as well as downloadable documents such as processes. Why not add a form to gather information, which is then saved to a Sheet. Sites is the wiki for your business.

Cloud Search

Harness the power of Google Search for your business, if it exists in your Workspace, you’ll find it in no time. Cloud Search portal updates you with important tasks and keeps you informed with upcoming meetings and events.