SafeGuard Is The Affordable Answer To Business IT Device Insurance

3rd October 2023

SafeGuard is a specialist type of insurance for businesses’ computer hardware.

It has been developed specifically to meet the necessities of companies who are bulk leasing IT equipment.

Do Businesses Really Need Computer Hardware Insurance?

Imagine the moment when a power surge fries your servers overnight, rendering your vital data inaccessible. Picture the chaos that ensues when a sudden flood inundates your office, drowning not only your valuable hardware but also your dreams of uninterrupted operations. These scenarios might sound extreme, but they happen to businesses all the time.

Without proper insurance coverage, they could become expensive realities for your company.

Business insurance for computer hardware isn’t just a precaution; it’s the armour that shields your operations against unforeseen disasters. Insurance provides peace of mind and quick, inexpensive resolutions when things go wrong.

According to claims by Aviva Risk Management Solutions, which refer to data they have garnered from the Government’s Business populations estimates report for 2021; “10% of SMEs wouldn’t survive if they had to pay up to £10,000 towards a claim that wasn’t fully covered by insurance.” That equates to more than half a million businesses.

Insuring office products can sometimes feel like one of those unnecessary cost burdens. To you as a manager, CEO, or CFO, when everything is running well, it seems unnecessary. It psychologically feels like paying for an unreal eventuality.

However, while you can occasionally risk rolling the dice on insurance for cheaper products when it comes to expensive equipment that your staff require to do their jobs, insurance is a necessity.

Everyone in your firm is likely to require their desktop, laptop or tablet, and smartphone to perform their job adequately. Whether their job is creating a product, shipping and logistics, providing a service, marketing, or even merely communication and collaboration, the business world is now a digital animal. We use digital tools in almost everything we do, so computer equipment is essential.

This essential nature should be the first clue that insurance is not something you cannot take lightly.

The second clue is that business-grade computer equipment is not cheap. It is still a substantial investment. When you are looking at hardware in bulk, it becomes an even bigger investment.

Like all things, computers can break, and accidents can happen. It can affect one device or many at once, depending on the situation. This could not only be very costly to replace, but also, the downtime incurred by the company could be significant too, which means you are losing money in two ways.

It is, therefore, vital that businesses have adequate insurance for their computer equipment.

What Type Of Cover Will SafeGuard Provide To Your IT Devices?

Hardsoft has created SafeGuard to match the requirements of our clients. It has been carefully crafted to ensure it provides adequate protection against all likely eventualities.

SafeGuard can insure your IT fleet against:

  • Theft – by internal or external forces (e.g., theft by staff or by break-ins from outside parties)
  • Accidental damage (this includes spillages on devices or hardware being dropped accidentally)
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Vandalism
  • Electrical disturbances
  • Objects falling onto devices

This is highly comprehensive cover compared to many other options on the market.

Many times, businesses will find that there is excessive fine print on insurance policies. This will often result in not being covered for a whole raft of normal incidents. It helps insurance companies to make a profit if they can wheedle out of paying at the time of a claim. This is a very common eventuality with third-party insurance companies. Yet Hardsoft is not an insurance company or a third party.

Hardsoft is a computer equipment lease provider and have built an insurance solution so that clients don’t have to shop around with third-party insurers.

Not only does this make everything much more efficient and straightforward for our clients since it cuts out going through a third party, but it also means that the cover is comprehensive with no tricks or jargon. We want to help you keep equipment safe and your business running smoothly.

However, comprehensive, intuitive cover, is not the only advantage of choosing SafeGuard. Its biggest claim to fame is how affordable it is.

Is SafeGuard Truly A Cost-Effective Option For Device Insurance?

Yes, it is, and for the same reason that it manages to be such comprehensive cover. Since we are not a third-party company that is merely offering insurance alone, our interest is not to make high profits on the insurance cover.

Our goal is to provide a truly all-in-one IT solution for our clients, which includes insurance, the IT hardware itself, the finance of your lease for that equipment, as well as repair, support, maintenance, management, customisable solutions, MDM, data backup, carbon offsetting and more.

Our objective is a full IT service that is simple and straightforward with no third parties. Owing to this, our SafeGuard insurance is extremely affordable and scalable with your lease compared to other options on the market, and this has made it extremely popular and gained us many new SafeGuard clients.

Rising inflation is resulting in businesses being squeezed tighter than ever when it comes to your budgets. While many CEOs are looking to make cuts and trim the fat on unnecessary expenditures, one feature you should never skip is computer hardware insurance.

Other Benefits Of SafeGuard

Easily Scalable

Luckily, SafeGuard will aid businesses on a variety of budgets to effectively insure their computer equipment regardless of the size of your hardware lease. It will also be easily flexible to add insurance as your number of devices fluctuates with your needs. SafeGuard was designed to work with leasing styles like DaaS, which are highly customisable and change the number of devices leased, according to your actual business requirements.

Contact your Hardsoft, or your Devices For Teams account manager to get a quote for SafeGuard tailored to your equipment lease.

Ideal For Businesses With Remote Workers

Another major benefit to remember about SafeGuard, beyond its affordable price, is that we are fully able to insure devices even if they are with WFH staff or remote staff working abroad. So, if your remote, freelance digital nomad disappears with the business laptop you gave them, we have you covered.

Keeps You Running Smoothly & Productively

If your computer is stolen, Hardsoft will replace it with lightning speed. If a device has suffered accidental damage, Hardsoft are swift to arrange collection and complete a rapid turnaround on repairs. Best of all your team will be given a replacement temporary device while you await repairs.