Shepherd MDM

What is Shepherd MDM and Shepherd MDM iOS?

Control your Apple devices with our scalable, cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for ultimate productivity.

We have two products – Shepherd MDM for MacBook, iMac, and other MacOS computers, as well as for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

We also have Shepherd MDM iOS , which is solely for iOS devices.

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Onboard new team member

Add new users in under 5 minutes, with a ready-for-business device equipped with necessary apps, configurations, and security settings.

Always ready to go

No more cumbersome app purchases or content distribution. Shepherd ensures your team is always ready-to-go and the device they are using is compliant.

Easy setup

Removes the need for internal IT teams to unbox and install software,  the devices can be shipped directly to users home address where the devices will auto enrol into your MDM at first startup.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Just like a shop manager keeps a watchful eye on employees, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software enables IT admins to monitor devices and ensure optimal performance while maintaining compliance with administrative policies.

MDM isn’t just for smartphones anymore. It’s now a must-have for managing tablets, laptops, and other connected devices. With MDM, downtime is minimized, and corporate networks remain secure. Experience the power of MDM and take control of your devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology provides a range of indisputable benefits

Control your whole fleet of devices

MDM provides visibility into managed devices, allowing IT admins to configure, secure, and wipe data remotely.

Improved data and device security

MDM safeguards mobile devices, restricts apps and device use, enforces strong passwords, and encrypts sensitive data.

Reduced costs

MDM saves money for organisations with bring your own devices & choose your own device policies by providing secure device management and freeing up resources.

Faster redeployment

Quickly reprovision and return devices to service after a change in staff, lost/stolen or faulty machine.

Apple Business Manager integration

Enjoy automated device enrolment with Apple Business Manager. Devices can be shipped directly to users home address, knowing they will automatically enrol into your company policies and applications.

Always up-to-date

Roll out critical apps, software, and settings based on the user’s company role, instantly over the air.

Shepherd MDM iOS - get a mobile device management solution for your iPhone and iPad devices

Ask us about Shepherd MDM iOS

An MDM solution for you flock of iPads and iPhones.

Bring your iOS devices together under a single, centrally-controlled solution, just like you might already have with your Macs.

With Shepherd iOS, you get all the same level of control over your iPhone and iPad devices, as you do with our original Shepherd MDM solution.

So get in touch today and speak to us about Shepherd MDM iOS.

Does my company need an MDM platform?

As more and more organizations embrace the use of Apple products, IT admins without an MDM solution are facing a cumbersome and time-consuming process.

An Apple-specific MDM platform manages devices en masse, enforcing cybersecurity requirements, and freeing up IT resources. MDM enables you to streamline device management and focus on more important initiatives.

If you are struggling with these issues, Shepherd can provide you with a far more efficient device management solution.

The HardSoft Difference

Easy to use

HardSoft offers intuitive design for easy IT support to Apple users of all levels.

Simple subscription

As an all-under-one-roof supplier with in-house financing, we make it easier than ever to add, switch or remove any device or application with the minimum of fuss.

Fully supported and managed

With over 40 years in the IT industry, our team of highly experienced support staff will help manage and support you.

How does Apple Business Manager work with Shepherd?

Apple Business Manager, in partnership with HardSoft, offers IT admins a comprehensive set of services to manage and secure Apple devices at scale.

It provides additional control over device enrolment and app distribution and simplifies reprovisioning and recommissioning.

HardSoft can centralise device enrolment and app deployment for teams. Apple requires businesses to register for their own account to enrol devices, but HardSoft can assist with the setup process.

I already use a remote monitoring & management tool (RMM), why do I need an MDM as well?

RMM tools are not as effective at managing and securing Apple devices, leading to a lack of control and security management. Most RMMs only allow inventory tracking and remote control, neglecting crucial tasks like patching, enforcing security policies, and protecting against cyber threats.

Using HardSoft’s Shepherd MDM solution alongside an RMM tool for Windows devices ensures standardisation and efficient management of all devices on your network.

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