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Squirrel Backup

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Protect your data with Squirrel Cloud Back Up

Squirrel by HardSoft is a reliable cloud backup software solution for Windows Servers, Microsoft 365, and NAS Experience the ideal backup solution for Windows Servers, Microsoft 365 (as Microsoft doesn’t provide data backup!), and NAS solutions like QNAP.

Squirrel has enhanced cloud Backup Solution for Office 365. Achieve 30% faster backups compared to Veeam! Effortlessly safeguard your Exchange Online, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive data. By embracing cloud-based solutions for your Office 365 suite, you can optimize cost savings and operational efficiency. Say goodbye to expensive hardware and maintenance with our secure cloud-to-cloud backup options. Additionally, our cloud-to-local options provide an on-site copy of your customer data, ensuring utmost peace of mind.

Squirrel and Flying Squirrel comparison

Backup FeatureFlying SquirrelSquirrel
Backup your MS 365 data (Email OD sharepoint Teams)
Backup you on-prem Server/QnapNoYes
Backup Google WorkspaceYesNo
Cost per userYesNo
Cost by data sizeNoYes
Unlimited data in the cloudYesNo
Restore data to a place in timeYesYes
Data Retention timeUnlimited7-14 Days
Daily Backup NotificationsYesYes
Online portal to check and restore YesYes

Rest assured with a clear monthly payment structure for your cloud backup, leaving no room for unexpected surprises. With us, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that as your business expands, the costs to protect additional devices will remain under control.

Unlike iCloud, Squirrel goes beyond just backing up your data—it ensures the safety of your Outlook data, OneDrive, and Sharepoint. Additionally, it simplifies the backup process by enabling multiple computers to be backed up to a single, centralised location.

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