Do you need an MDM with Apple Business Manager?

28th February 2021
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A Mobile Device Management solution, or MDM, provides businesses with greater control over corporate devices.

Technically, you do not require an MDM solution simply to enrol with Apple Business Manager (ABM).

However, these systems are designed to be used in conjunction with one another.

By not having an MDM solution alongside Apple Business Manager, you will not be able to use some of the best features which make business operations easier.

Every business should have an MDM solution to ensure good management and security for corporate hardware.

The Difference Between an MDM and Apple Business Manager

Apple Business Manager is an ideal solution for the mass purchasing and deployment of Apple Devices. It replaces Apple’s previous device enrolment programs. Having an MDM solution like Shepherd will allow you to:

  • Locate lost and stolen devices.
  • Remotely lock and wipe lost and stolen devices.
  • Restrict applications e.g., messenger.
  • Protect devices from viruses and data breaches.
  • Push updates.
  • Mass apply apps.
Blog image showcasing Shepherd MDM and and ABM

Why You Should Use Apple Business Manager with an MDM

By using Apple Business Manager and an MDM together, it is simple to enrol all your corporate devices and employee-owned BYOD (bring your own device) hardware into your ABM portal.

You can then manage all devices in one place, purchase and deploy devices en masse, and set them up remotely. The result is that staff benefit from an out of the box solution for home working, and a no-touch approach to prevent the spread of COVID and other viruses and diseases.

While it is possible to skip the MDM solution, you then require ABM and Apple Configurator 2 to manage all your devices.

In this scenario, you would have to add all devices manually. This would entail physically plugging each device into a macOS computer that has Apple Configurator 2 installed.

ABM and an MDM together eliminate so many manual processes, subsequently saving time and money. Therefore, while it is feasible to get ABM without an MDM, you would be curtailing highly useful features.

In the current climate of the pandemic, having the ability to set up devices remotely is essential.

Why Every Business Should Have an MDM Solution

An MDM solution allows employees to access apps, content, and information on their devices wherever they are. This makes it a powerful tool for efficient and productive home working and in-the-field working.

An MDM is also highly effective in enhancing cyber security for businesses.

Any company operating in 2021 should be acutely aware of the issues of data security.

Corporate devices can be lost, stolen, or an employee can leave on bad terms.

With an ABM account and a synced MDM server, you can lock or wipe that device.

Apple Business Manager has been designed to work with your MDM solution to make day to day business operations even easier.

Jamf is a very affordable MDM solution for Apple that works seamlessly with Apple Business Manager. In fact, Jamf Pro has been named one of the best MDM solutions available on the market today.

It is particularly effective for adding and managing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) hardware alongside company-owned hardware. The trend of allowing staff to use their own devices for work has risen during the pandemic, so keeping an eye on the security of BYODs should be a top priority for CEOs in 2021.

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