6 Benefits a Mobile Device Management Solution, for When you Need More Control of your Devices

4th January 2021
Mobile Device Management Solutions: Jamf and Cisco Meraki

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solution provides businesses with a full and effective way to enrol their devices and deploy them with the apps and software they need. Admin privileges can be assigned and any updates or changes made remotely.

In these times of working from home as the norm, your devices can be deployed to your teams directly, providing your IT teams with a simple solution to all of their old deployment headaches.

There are various Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solutions available on the market, such as Jamf or Cisco Meraki. Cisco Meraki Systems Manager works with both Apple and Windows devices, whereas Jamf is an Apple solution, working with all Apple devices.

Choose MDM's from Jamf or Cisco Meraki Mobile Device Management Solutions

So, what are the benefits of an MDM for your business? Let’s take a look.

6 Benefits of an MDM Solution

There are several benefits to using an MDM solution to manage your device fleet. Here are the top 6:

1. Locate Lost or Stolen Devices
If a device is lost or stolen, your MDM services can help to locate the device or, alternatively, if it cannot be recovered they can ensure that any company data is erased and the device locked against further use.

2. Devices can be Wiped Remotely
If your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone is lost it’s only a matter of two clicks to wipe and secure it. A version of ‘Find my Device’ but on a more refined level.

3. App Restriction and Control
You can preconfigure devices with the apps that your business wants users to access, and restrict access to the ones you don’t want them distracted by.

4. Deployment without a Touch
You can use the MDM portal to define profiles for each user in advance, even down to defining their home page on Chrome or Safari, with the new device delivered ready to go once it’s switched on and connected to the internet.

5. Security
Macs aren’t immune to viruses, so you can use your MDM solution to ensure that they are protected by your company’s preferred security software, such as Barracuda, Sophos or Avast Business.

6. Push Updates
With an annual release of an Apple OS, as well as regular Windows updates, you can update your fleet of devices centrally using your MDM. And you can set it to happen remotely when they won’t be needed, e.g. at 2am or on a Sunday, whenever works best for your business.

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